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I think Tryst has gone the way of EB. More phonies and scams than legit providers on there lately. Between the "prepay" demands, the out of townand inaccurate or phony pictures its a real minefield. We are lucky to have mongers reviewing things here to help us out.


For what it's worth, I know Tryst requires girls ing up for s to hold up a selfie featuring the same person as in the ad pics, holding a with their screen name and that day's date. I also happen to know that EB is trying to crack down on scams.

There are still some "legacy" spammers on there, but new girls must an ID, and a selfie of them holding their ID. Of course, I don't know if anyone is actually over there checking Without the classifieds up, it's difficult to know who's available.


Molly D. Is still taking appointments she is in northern KY now an I still see her. Cincy Kyla still also and.

Singles near Vermont, USA

Mostly evenings. Both great providers Molly a little easier to set appointment with once you are vetted. Here is the standard warning I post about her. Do your research before you book with her. She has a very long rap sheet.

She is a friend of LEO when caught and has rolled over on other escorts and schedulers, roommates, fellow drug dealers she had contract on her life from one she had imprisoned and on mongers.

She is wanted in Indiana and has warrants in Ohio that are active. Her Husband did time for beating and robbing a monger. All Public information if you take the time to research her Always safer choices. There are reasons she ghosts for months at a time, she is simply not safe. I think I may have even seen her walking on Warsaw just a week or so ago. I'd like to avoid if I need to. Who remembers the young girl with huge DDDs in Sharonville a few years back.

I forgot her name but I used to always dream about her. If you are vetted Sara TT is seeing guys. Google her she has pictures on escort fish even shows her pussy in one.

Singles near Vermont, USA

Looks good in most of the pictures then I found a post back on July 9 that showes several sores on her face. Whats up with the phone s, or lack of s, on EB? A large amount of don't have s. She has had with her in the past.

Pretty sure it's because EscortBabylon is an ad aggregator. They harvest from other places like EscortAlligator. The result is missing information like phone s and names not in the title or description.

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She looks similar to a girl who used to SW in the lower MCM and camp Washington areas maybe a year or so ago then after I think I saw an ad for her incall in latonia. Stay safe guys. She was one of the best. Wish I had seen her more. One thing I've wondered about; did anyone else get the impression she was hearing impaired? It's weird, but I noticed in a couple of the where you can't see phone s, they do show up in the url if you look up there.

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Yes J did have a hearing problem. She had hearing aids but sometimes forgot to put them in after she showered. I use to tease her by taking mine out an telling her she can use one so we can understand each other. She is missed by many of us. She is doing well in her new life last time we talked.

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She WAS, indeed, hearing impaired. Not horribly so I don't think, but I remember her mentioning it to me several times. She made up for it in other areas! Maybe that's why she was so fucking loud! Not that I minded! She's been around for a long time. I've only ever seen her go by Crissee.

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She use to have great tits. But after one of her trips to her Uncles, they became a bit deflated LOL. Posted for Super Eight Springdale about an hour after the first one, across from the first motel.

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All the pics are fully clothed. When I search for the telephone I don't get any information. New ad? Play this safe. If anyone has any information otherwise please PM me. It just doesn' t seem right. Whats up with the phone s, or lack of s, on EB?. Hit the little red button at bottom left that says "back to post". That always works for me, shows the listing with a phone. To get to a that shows that button I sometimes need to select "old posts" in the top left hand corner. Idk what the fuck that's about but it works.

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Always been Crisee to my knowledge. There's been a lot of controversy about her. I saw her a couple of times years ago then almost saw her less than two years ago and bailed because the site was just way too dodgy. I enjoyed my time with her both times without incident. There have been a lot of allegations that she ratted people out to LE. I don't know if this is true.

Vermont Sluts

All I know is that if it is true, then she's had really bad legal representation, because she has spent a fair amount of time with her uncle. And it's hard to believe she can't find a good lawyer, because I believe at one time before she began her long descent that she actually worked in a law office. Molly D is very hard. I've tried 2 times and got nowhere.

I gave up haha.

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Thanks, that was her. She was absolutely incredible. Saw her several times, last was in NKY. At the end of an incredible session, was getting dressed put my tie on. She comes to the edge of the bed and grabs my tie and says "h no, you can't leave yet. ZIP: 45363

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