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Lucy, no ad is complete without a pic Beruti:- You seem to be limited to the published advertising if you are going to rely on phone s, and not trawl the fertile ground which is Dubai. So I guess you are limited to; Lucy Li:- - Suzy Saigon:- - Tiger Lilly:- - They all sound like characters from a s novel All 3 of them have published telephone s, but I do not know anybody who has the pleasure of fucking any of them.

So it will be a voyage of discovery. Do we know anything about them? So Beruti, you could do us all a favour by reading the adverts, shagging them all, and then giving us good detailed field reports. This will be useful information for everybody.

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Good luck FFF. So I guess you are limited to; Lucy Li:- - Suzy Saigon:- - Tiger Lilly:- - So Beruti, you could do us all a favour by reading the adverts, shagging them all, and then giving us good detailed field reports. We all want to know how they perform and there look.

I reckon at least one of them is a senior member having a wind up!

But I am a natural skeptic! With so much on offer I would prefer to go out and pick, rather than take pot luck but judging from the of guys that ask for contacts the girls should be getting a lot of calls. I am Lucy Li and I am a different Lucy. I am not always time a business lady for working with men and sex, but sometime an escort for some money and really good sex. Look my new Website. I am often at the crown plaza and fairmont hotels in the afternoon and to about 8 or 10PM.

On ladies night I am often go alimo disco at Jumeirah 1 but it is call El-passo now. Check it out.

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Warning to all. I paid to get access to the website pictures, discounts, contact info, etc Have heard from several others with the same problem. Now disputing the charges.

Michigan Sluts

She had her pants on before I had managed to dispose of kleenex's finest I thought AED was generous for the 15 mins we had had After a short exchange I told her was fair and I'm off, if she did not like it then tell it to the judge Apart from the fact that she is a bit of a rip off merchant Hi, I used to frequent dubai a lot but been absent for a couple of years.

Due back soon.

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Uzbek girl. Goes by the name of Alia. A bit wild when drunk but even wilder in the sack. Anything goes kind of girls. Had me finger her ass in Dubliners one night. If she is still around can someone let me know where she hangs out now. Greetings to the searchfull, as Dubai is a closed society and any action, if at all, is strictly in privacy, hardly one can enter these circles, I decided to think back when I started my adventures.

Therefore I decided to give some contacts to you. Unfortunately, mongering in Dubai is expensive and you have to contribute to my hoppy.


Each contact is charged at AED 10,00 only. On file are: Contacts from P. If you wish to visit, my "office" which can also be rent at a hourly basis is in Ajjawaa district, not far away from the former Israeli Embassy. For any further question or detaild description or secret information, whatsoever please fell free to contact Tel. I think I will ask him for the CID ones As you may find out from the given telefone I have outsourced yeah, that is what I am really good in the call center to an established and well known agency in Dubai, however I have to claim they are not really reliable.


Unfortunately no mails yet. But the bakers dozen is still a valid promotion campaign. Greetings, Tom. Sight unseen? Gee, what a deal. That sounds so much better than what I do now. I actually talk to and see the ladies before I pay Dirhams for hours.

Nifty business model, pay for sloth. Sporadic, I rely on repeat business so I have to deliver top quality every time. Weary business travellers really appreciate my service. For everything there is a market. There are always stupid people who pay such amount. But I will certainly post a link to you to anyone requesting 'where to find girls'. If it works for you, go for it.

Sluts near Michigan, USA

Many thanks, I appreciate the seasoned professionals amongst you may not need my guidance but I'm hoping to help out the guy's new to town and the international business travellers amongst you. Here's an idea for you, why don't you offer a sensible discount to say AED per hour plus taxi expenses for people that regular members here recomend to you? That way, you might get business that you otherwise wouldn't get. All the prospective client needs to say is something like Zing, Sporadic, 11B, Piper etc recomended you?

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That's a win situation all round, you get more business, our friends on short term trips have a good time in their hotel and our friends are happy with us for a good recomendation Good luck, Zing. I would want to know the punter as well as the girl. It takes more than a forum membership to vet someone imho. It would also be all too easy for CID to call someone to a hotel, only to bust said provider. There have been positive reports on this service, and I think that is great, and there IS a niche to fill, but I am not going to fill it, even with a forum handle. If he really is a good friend what I do is to call myself Making references to common friends is always risky, especially with LE probably reading the forum they sure must find it entertaining.

Of course those are not our real names, except for Mr. Piper, but then, Mina doesn't know our real names either.

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That's convenient, and you do pay more for conveniences. That's the benefit of having old [as in age, not length] friends: they are adults who can go out after dark, peruse what's on offer, and pick their own, without needing the approval of another to validate their decision. Or they have their own s.

Myself, I'm not into 'matchmaking'; I'll leave that to the pros. I am not saying it can not be the case and for sure I am not implying someone intends to ly, all I say is think about. Detective Tom, You could be correct. It's clear that whoever is writing for the 'Korean' Mina Max funny name for a girl is not Korean their native tongue is English - sounds very Birmingham. Maybe Lisa Less funny name for a guy is helping out Mina Max. Apart from the concerns expressed by Tom, as a regular traveler to DXB I have been following this thread with a sense of uneasiness.

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What is happening here is a classic case of price gouging from unsuspecting and weary travelers. Though I fully support the residents with their RTTF point of view given the wealth of information available here, I feel that encouraging rip-off artists is stretching the matter a little too far.

I have no problem with free market theory of supply and demand, but using the board to promote one's wares at what is generally considered as unacceptable prices is against the purpose of this board.

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