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Posted to: Legal WritesWestville. A city detective and a confidential informant went undercover to buy sex in Westville — and helped close down two massage parlors that cops believe may be part of an out-of-state Korean sex ring. According to arrest warrant affidavits on file at state Superior Court, some of the alleged prostitutes had been living for days at a time at the establishments, which were open from 9 a. So now the police investigation continues into whether the two establishments were part of a larger ring, according to Lt.

John Velleca pictured. We have to pin that down.

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That man also had opened three massage parlors in Wallingford that were ly busted as brothels. So Velleca reached out to Wallingford detectives early on to help guide the New Haven investigation. It openly advertised in the erotic section of The New Haven Advocate and online. In investigating the case, cops concluded that another establishment across the street, Orange Sauna, was affiliated and promoting the same business. Elisa Tuozzoli. The cooperating witness first went to Star Sauna as an undercover customer on May 15 at noon.

He spent 35 minutes there. Detectives stood nearby watching. The Cooperating Witness then had his back side washed. She told him to lie down on top of a small bed. Sex, too? They assembled around p. A whole team showed up: Lt. Velleca, Wallingford detectives, and New Haven detectives. They set up surveillance positions. Velleca briefed the team. In the shower room, the woman told Det. Forbes to lay on a table.

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They went inside to serve the warrant. Seven women in all were arrested. He did. Velleca then directed the team to enter the building. One detective knocked three times on the back door. No response.

The cops also found two male customers, a 38 year-old man from Naugatuck and a 48 year-old man from Hamden. They ed Miranda waivers and offered written s. The johns found at the raids were not arrested. Velleca said. Your :. Message: Sent: Nov 21, pm. So, will they bust the johns too? Or is it punish-the-prostitutes-and-leave-the-johns-alone as usual? Things that make you go… And why do we let the New Haven Advocate publish for this stuff in the back of their newspaper?

Connecticut Sluts

After reading this I wanna be a CI real bad. Buying drugs, getting oral sex, protection, etc. Anthony, it may be a victimless crime or these women may have been sold into sex slavery.

Singles in Connecticut, USA

Some of these prostitutes live brutal lives with no hope of ever gaining freedom. This happens more often than most people would like to think.

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I hope if you guys do a follow up story on this, we can find out 1 why it was necessary, or allowed by the NHPD, for the CI to receive sexual acts for pay and 2 why NHPD needs legal advice to arrest men caught in the act of having sex for pay, but does not need the same legal advice to arrest women involved in the same act. It takes three months to investigate prostitution.

Are you kidding. How long does it take to investigate a murder 10 years? Ooops the Jovin murder is going on 10 years I guess it all depends on where the problem is located. Was it necessary to transcribe the lurid details from the affidavit to effectively report this story? It would seem business is good. Legalize it, regulate it to control locations, for health purposes, and to protect the workersand TAX it. WTF is our world, our city, coming to. This is insane! There has to be a different way to apprehend and prosecute brothel owners, workers and johns.

By the way, I cannot believe that the johns are not being prosecuted at this point.

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These guys got caught with their pants down, literally! They need to be prosecuted! Prostitution should be legalized. It would be a win for the provider, the client and the regulating agency. It would be a loss for organized crime and sex trafficing. Great way to stimulate the economy too! Absolutely the best place I have ever gone to.

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Star Sauna rocked. Fun times.

No mugshot exploitation here: The New Haven Independent aims to respect the reputations of those arrested in the community it covers

Stupid cops—. Go track down real criminals. We do read comments before we post them.

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And we remove the ones that violate the rules of the road on the Independent. This obviously does not apply if you want to post hateful comments regarding the men and women who police New Haven on a daily basis. Surely it is very offensive, and it violates your rules of the road. The 5 Johns waived there mirinda rights and offered statements. You bet they did.

They can now avoid arrest and prosecution. Who are NHPD protecting.


Some of their own or were some city muckity mucks caught. If you are a John who now gets caught you can always use the equal protection as a defense. Paul Bass, you are failing your readers. The 12 suspects appeared in court Monday and were released on bond. They listed their various hometowns as Denver, Honolulu, and, especially, Flushing, N. Also, according to the affidavit: The cooperating witness first went to Star Sauna as an undercover customer on May 15 at noon. Advocate Readers Dish A whole team showed up: Lt.

They staked out the two establishments and prepared to enter each. First they hit Star Sauna. Detective Ted Forbes was ased the task of buying sex. He entered around p. With no of Det. ZIP: 06519 06511 06510 06513 06512 06515 06501 06502 06503 06505 06506 06507 06508 06509 06520 06521 06530 06531 06532 06533 06534 06535 06536 06540

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