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Top best Korean movies to watch in free time

Best korean drama movies to watch in free time

Korean film industry makes very different types of movies than hollywood. The stories of korean movies are more interesting and unique in it's own. Some Korean language films wins many international awards and recently korean movie 'Parasite' won oscar award for the best film. Every actor in parasite movie played it's role perfectly and the main reason behind wining this award is the story of this film. Here is the list of all time best Korean movies or korean disaster movies to watch, which will definitely makes you to think.

Train to Busan (2016) (Thriller/Horror)
Train to Busan 2 movie online
Train to Busan (2016)
If you like zombie movies then you have to watch this movie. This is one of the best ever movie made on zombie apocalypse. Amazing story and beautiful acting gives you a best ever thrilling experience while watching this movie. Now the second part of this movie named "Peninsula" is ready to release on 30 July 2020.

Parasite (2019) (Thriller/Comedy)
Best korean movies to watch
Parasite (2019)
Parasite is another best korean movie which won oscar award for the best film in 2020. The story of this movie is very unique and it can definitely blow your mind when you watch. Amazing story, perfect acting and casting make this movie "masterpiece".

The Tunnel (2016) (Thriller/Drama)
The tunnel Korean movies
The Tunnel (2016)
The tunnel movie is a story of shocking disasters happened with a single man. This movie gives you a very thrilling experience of survival after collapsing the tunnel. The tunnel movie is based on a car salesman named Ha Jung-woo who fights for survival inside a collapsed tunnel while rescue team facing many difficulties to free him.

The Tower (2012) (Action/Disaster)
Best korean disaster movies to watch
The Tower (2012)
This is another korean disaster movie like "The Tunnel". "The tower" is a thrilling korean disaster movie based on a fire breakout in luxury skyscraper. Tower Sky is a luxurious building complex in Seoul, which has organised for a lavish Christmas party for VIP peoples. But, things go out of control when a fire breaks out and thousands of lives are in danger.

The man from nowhere (2010) (Action/Thriller)
Top korean movies to watch
The man from nowhere (2010)
This is the most popular korean thriller action film based on a retired special agent and little girl. The Man from Nowhere film was realised in 2010 starring won bin and directed by Lee Jeong-beom. It was the highest grossing film of south korea in 2010. In this movie a retired special agent unlikely bond with his neglected little neighbor, but one day that little girl has kidnapped by the killers of her mother and then, it's really worth to watch that, how this man saves her from all wanted criminals.

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Exit (2019) (Comedy/Action)
Best korean movies to watch
Exit (2019)
This is another best korean disaster movie which offers romance, comedy, thriller and action. This is story of a rock climber who use his climbing skills to save the life of so many people with his own family when a mysterious white gas captured an entire seoul city. He saves so many lives by taking his own life in risk. There are many funny and emotional moments in this movie. So it will definately gives you a full of entertainment and thrilling experience.

Pandora (2016) (Thriller/Action)
Korean movies in hindi
Pandora (2016)
This is a story of a brave boy who sacrifice his own life to save his hometown from killer gas. Pandora is the best korean disaster movie to watch, which will definitely makes you to cry in the end. The nuclear power plant workers rush to stop the plant from melting down after hitted by massive earthquake. This movie has lots of emotional scenes in it, which are really worth to watch. This is a great and most popular korean movie based on a nuclear power plant disaster.

Tidal wave (2009) (Action/Drama)
Haeundae movie watch online
Tidal wave (2009)
Tidal wave or Haeundae is the best korean thriller film to watch. The story of this movie is based on a biggest tsunami, which will definitely gives you a very amazing experience. In this movie viewers can experience emotional, survival and many other unbelievable scenes. Lots of big waves generate inside the ocean and move towards the haeundae beach and then the journey of survival starts for everyone. This movie is worth to watch again and again.

The host (2006) (Horror/Comedy)
Best korean movies to watch
The host (2006)
The host is a movie of big monster like "Godzilla". One unidentified monster appears from the Han River in Seoul and kills so many people in that area. This movie shows you the thrilling journey of a father to save his daughter from horrifying giant monster. When his young little girl snatched by giant monster then he and his entire family starts to locate the beast to bring their little girl back safety. This movie is a full of entertainment dose for every viewer with thriller, emotions, comedy, survival and lots more.

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Deranged (2012) (Thriller/Drama)
List of best korean movies to watch
Deranged (2012)
If you like virus based movies then this is the best film to watch. What happens if a dangerous virus spread through water in humans? This movie is the real example of it, so don't miss this great movie to watch. The story of this movie is very unique in its own, that's why this movie attracted many people towards the theater. Jae-hyuk tries to find a cure after his family get's infected by a mysterious infection which spread through drinking water that causes people to drown themselves.

The Flu (2013) (Drama/Sci-fi)
The Flu full movie
The Flu (2013)
This is the best movie to watch in this COVID 19 lockdown period, because nowdays every country in the world is  going under the most critical period due to coronavirus pandemic. This movie is based on a flu (something like spanish flu) that doesn't have any cure. This flu can spread from person to person same like covid 19. So it is really interesting to watch that, how people survive from this pandemic. There are many heart touching scenes in this movie which will definitely makes you to cry. If you are searching movies on coronavirus pandemic, then this is the best movie to watch.


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