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Android smartphone black screen problem fix! (SOLVED)

Now smartphone is became a most important part of our life and we can do many types of work on it. Nowadays smartphone can be used for video conferencing, online working, online support, online education, office meeting, short film making, photo editing, online booking and lots more. But, when this important device stop working then we can face many problems and "black screen" is the most faced issue by smartphone users. In this, sometimes your phone stop working and shows only black screen but this is the most commonly faced issue by many users. But, how to fix "black screen" problem of any smartphone? Don't worry, here are some solutions for you that can definitely fix your phone without wasting money on mobile repairing shops.

So let's know about, how to fix black screen problem of any android phone? Many smartphone users face issues like their phone is working but screen went black or phone is ringing but screen is black. Before wasting any money on repair you can try these fixes to solve "black screen" problem of your phone.

Black screen problem solutions for android phones

1 solution
How to reboot android smartphone
Press power and volume down button
This is a first method to fix your smartphone black screen problem in which you have to press power and volume down button of your phone simultaneously until it display company logo. If you see company logo after the few seconds of pressing power and volume down button it means your phone is now working and issue has been fixed.

2 solution
Android black screen issue fixed
Charge for 5 minutes
In second method you have to put your phone on charging for 5 minutes and after five minutes do same thing, just press power and volume down button simultaneously and wait until logo appears on screen.

3 solution
Black screen problem solution
Press all over with thumbs
In third method you have to press all over on display screen and also back side of your phone with thumb. This method will fix display screen connection of your phone, after giving some pressure on front and back side of your phone with thumb do the same thing again. Press the power and volume down button simultaneously until appears logo.

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4 solution
Android smartphone useful tricks
Smack your phone to fix loose connections
Take care while doing this method, because it can harm your phone. In this method you have to smack your phone from all side on your hand. It can fix any loosed connection in your phone, it is just like we hit television to fix it's display. After smacking all sides of your phone again do same thing. Press power and volume down button simultaneously for few seconds until appears logo.

5 solution
Black Screen problem solutions
Take phone inside freezer for 30 min
In this method, you have to wrap your phone in plastic and take into the freezer for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes do the same thing like above.

If above solutions can't fix your problem then I will recommend you to go to repair centre and tell them your problem.

So, these are some fixes which will definitely helps you to fix your "black screen" problem of smartphone. I hope this article helps you to get back your phone in working condition without wasting any money. Bookmark this site for new information and also check out my other posts.

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