Friday, 14 February 2020

How to get free ornaments / keychains in PUBG Mobile?

Today we are going to know about the latest new things in PUBG Mobile. Many times i seen while playing PUBG Mobile game, many players attached new and trendy keychain on their bags. But how we can get bag keychain for free in PUBG Mobile? It looks good to see and there are many different types of ornament available for free in PUBG Mobile. If you want free PUBG Mobile keychain for your bag then you are at right place. Today I am going to tell you how to get free keychain in PUBG Mobile? I like teddy bear keychain in PUBG Mobile and I get it absolutely free without spending any UC cash.

Get free keychains for bag in PUBG Mobile
How to get free keychain in PUBG Mobile?
In every PUBG Mobile updates, players get some new things like trendy clothes, new gun skins, new avatar, ornaments and other accessories. Now players can get many types of bag keychains free in PUBG Mobile which looks amazing while playing. Let's know how to get free ornaments in PUBG Mobile?

For getting free ornaments in PUBG Mobile first you need silver coins, if you don't have silver coins in your pubg mobile account then you can get it for free. So silver coins are very important to get free ornaments in PUBG Mobile. I also write article on how to get free silver coins in PUBG Mobile? So read that if you don't have any silver coins in your pubg account. To get free ornaments in PUBG Mobile you need more than 2000 silver coins in your pubg account. Here is step by step process to get free bag keychain in PUBG Mobile

Open Pubg mobile and click on Shop
PUBG Mobile Shop
PUBG Mobile Shop
Then click on Redeem option

Scroll down until you see keychains

Select your favourite keychain for your bag

PUBG Mobile redeem section
PUBG Mobile ornaments
Purchase it for permanent period by spending your silver coins

Get free silver coins in PUBG Mobile
Purchase keychain in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile free ornaments
Free pumpkin keychain in PUBG
By using this trick you can also purchase new skins for free in PUBG Mobile. But for this you need over 5000 silver coins to get best clothes for your pubg character. There is also option to get it for short period of time like one week or month, but I suggest you to don't go for it because that clothes are not available to use after the specific period. Try to get it for permanent period.

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Some PUBG ornaments are available to purchase by spending your BP coins, but for this you need to purchase PUBG subscription.

Different types of ornaments in PUBG Mobile
Exchange BP into ornaments in PUBG
So, using this method anyone can get free ornaments or bag keychains in PUBG Mobile. I write this article because lots of PUBG Mobile players asked about, where and how to get free ornaments in PUBG Mobile without spending any UC? Stay connected with us for more tips and tricks related to PUBG Mobile. Don't forget to share this article with your teammates and friends. Have a nice day!

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