Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Top best 2 finger thumb players in PUBG Mobile

There are lots of pro players in PUBG Mobile which attracts other players to watch their gameplays. Every pro PUBG Mobile Player is known for its unique playing style and skills. Many pro pubg mobile players use 3, 4, or 5 finger claw control setup, which gives them better reflexes and speed. But today we are going to know about the two finger thumb players of PUBG Mobile. This are the real pro players in PUBG Mobile game who use only thumbs while playing the game. All these thumb players of PUBG Mobile are well known for their aggressive attacking styles and reflexes and inspire other players to use two finger claw control.

Here are the best pro thumb players of PUBG Mobile

Soul Viper

Soul Viper real name
Soul Viper Pubg mobile

Soul viper is well known for its amazing reflexes and skills by using only two finger claw setup. This is a member of popular Indian pubg mobile team "Team Soul". He plays with Soul Mortal and many other pro PUBG Mobile Players, his amazing playing skills attract every PUBG Mobile player to watch his gameplay till the end of the match. The real name of Soul Viper is Yash Paresh Soni and he lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. After watching his gameplay players can't believes that he uses only two thumb claw setup, amazing reflexes, great strategies and legendary skills makes him one of the best pro thumb player of PUBG Mobile.

XQF Paraboy

XQF Paraboy biography
XQF Paraboy Pubg mobile

XQF Paraboy is another best thumb player in PUBG Mobile. He is a member of popular chinese Pubg mobile team "Team XQF". All pro chinese pubg mobile players are well known for their unbelievable chinese drills, perfect accuracy and faster reflection and XQF Paraboy is one of them. He is one of the best assaulter in Team XQF and any normal player can't beat him in PUBG Mobile. The real name of XQF paraboy is Zhu Bojun and he is from china. The members of this top chinese Pubg mobile team are Paraboy, Coolboy, Cat, Jimmy and King. Every pro chinese player is known for his amazing drills and reflexes and all Pubg players likes to watch chinese players gameplay than other pro players.

ILMN Madtoi

ILMN Madtoi biography
ILMN Madtoi Pubg mobile

Madtoi is one of the best pubg mobile thumb player from Thailand. He is a former member of best thai Pubg mobile team "Team Illuminate" which was formally known as "The Murder". Many Pubg mobile players don't know him, but he is very good in two finger gameplay. The real name of Madtoi is Aekachai Areesanan who lives in Thailand and now he joined the new team which name is "Team Secret". ILMN Madtoi is the best pubg mobile thumb player in Thailand. Thai pubg players are also very aggressive like chinese Pubg players. So you can also check his best thai drills of PUBG Mobile game.

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Hyper coffin bio
Hyper Coffin Pubg mobile

Coffin or Hyper Coffin is a inspiration for every thumb player in PUBG Mobile. He is very popular Pubg mobile thumb player from Turkey and every pubg player wants to become a pro thumb player like him. No one can match his skills and faster reflexes on two finger claw setup, because it is very difficult to control speed and accuracy by using two thumb control on Pubg mobile, but only coffin can makes it possible! That's why lots of PUBG Mobile players follow him and use his two thumb setting on their Pubg account. The real name of coffin is Asimaltan Yucel from Turkey and He is the most fastest 2 finger player of PUBG Mobile in the world.


Izzo biography
Izzo Pubg mobile

Izzo is another very best pubg mobile thumb player from Denmark. The most interesting thing about this player is, he use default 2 finger layout of PUBG Mobile. I also tried to play PUBG Mobile on its default 2 finger layout settings, but it's very difficult to use. I don't know, how this guy play PUBG Mobile with amazing reflexes on the default control settings of PUBG? The real name of Izzo is Ismael and his birth place is Turkey, but he lives in Denmark.

All 2 finger thumb players of PUBG always keep their gyroscope "ON" while playing the game for getting faster and better reflexes.

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