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How to increase YouTube views and subscribers in just one week?

Nowadays many people wants to become a youtuber, but everyone can't get success in this field. YouTube change its rules and policies time to time for their youtube creators. Lots of people aks on Google that, how to monetize my videos on YouTube without completing thousand subscribers? and How to complete 4000 hours watch time on YouTube?. Today I am going to tell you the simple YouTube SEO tricks that can increase your YouTube channel subscribers in one week. India is a most active country on YouTube from past 3 year after the launch of Jio. Jio is a indian network provider company which started the internet revolution in India. This is first company in India which offered free 4g Internet for one year and after one year users can get Internet at a very cheap rate. After the launch of Jio millions of new channels are created on YouTube in the last 3 year.

Get 10,000 views in one day on YouTube
Grow your channel fast
YouTube viewers automatically increased after people started to use this cheap Internet service and lots of new channels are created on YouTube. PUBG Mobile is also another reason for hike in number of creators on YouTube. After launching Pubg mobile many people created their own gaming channel on YouTube to get views and income. Lots of gaming creators on YouTube are increased after the launch of PUBG Mobile, but only some of them get success. Many YouTube creators can't get views and subscribers, but don't give up buddies because today I am going to tell you, how to increase YouTube views and subscribers in a week? using best YouTube SEO tricks.

Every creator wants to make money on YouTube by enabling monetization feature, But for this you need to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. Here are the best youtube SEO optimisation tricks to make 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in just one week. Using these tricks you can increase your YouTube views fast.

The first method to increase your YouTube views and subscribers is hashtag. Many YouTube creator wants to promote their YouTube channel for free and for this they starts to commenting their channel link in trending videos of YouTube. But this trick is not good for your channel and you can't get any views and subscribers to your channel. Because if you comment any link in comment section of any video, then YouTube identify your comment as a spam, so anyone can't able to see your comment. The only way to attract viewers from other channels to your channel is use "hashtag".

How to use hashtag in YouTube video?

For using hashtag in your YouTube video, first you need to go to your video info page and add hashtag in your video description. For ex. If you have youtube gaming channel then you can give hashtag like, #gameplayvideos or you can also use your unique channel name as a hashtag. After adding hashtag in your video description use same hashtag while commenting on others channels or videos to promote your channel. When people click on that hashtag they can see your videos related to that hashtag.

Watch your own videos
This can helps you to increase your video rank in YouTube. For this you just type your video title in YouTube search box and add your channel name next to the title. For ex, my video title is "how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in one day" so you just have to type in YouTube search box "how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in one day your channel name" and click on search. After you see your video then watch it till the end without skipping single part of your video, do this for 15 to 20 times and then check your channel ranking. If your video is at 12 position then after using this trick your video can comes on 7 to 8 position or if you do same thing for more time then you can definitely see your video in first rank.

Use popular youtube channel name
This trick is best to increase your YouTube views fast by using any popular youtubers name in your title and description. When you add any popular youtubers name in your title then YouTube rank your video fast, because that name has high SEO score. When people search that youtuber name, that time your video appears in that search result. So this can increase your views but you need to make your video related to that popular youtuber.

Use tubebuddy
Tubebuddy is the best application for YouTube SEO optimisation, it can make your video SEO friendly so you can rank your video in just few days after uploading. Tubebuddy suggest you top best ranking keywords on YouTube to use in your video title, description and tags which can makes your video SEO friendly. There are so many options are available in tubebuddy that can easily rank your video in YouTube and this application is used by many professional youtubers for increasing views and subscribers fast. Tubebuddy can do everything for you to make your video viral on YouTube. Click here to download tubebuddy crome extension.

How to use tubebuddy to rank YouTube videos?

For this you need your personal computer, because you can't use tubebuddy on mobile. Just download tubebuddy crome extension in your crome or Firefox browser and sign up with your same email ID which you used to make your channel. After that you can see all details about your video SEO score. This YouTube tool also displays the top ranking keywords used by popular youtubers with seo ranking score, so you can use it in your video. This tool can makes your video viral on YouTube in just one week and you can get lots of views and subscribers in a very less time.

If you don't have PC at your home then you can use yandex browser which supports all types of google chrome extensions. Installation process of tubebuddy on mobile is same as above.

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Make videos on trending topics
This is the most effective method to increase YouTube views fast. Using this method you can get thousands of views in just one day. For ex, Recently American president Donald Trump visited India and lots of youtubers make videos on this topic and get so many views. Some creators get millions of views and some get thousands, because the first creator who make videos on Trump and Modi "Namaste Trump" event get millions of views. So if you want millions of views on your video then you need to cover any trending topic before other creators. Many youtubers makes videos on trending or controversial topics to boost their channel and this type of videos can gives you a good result.

I hope this tricks helps you to grow your channel and don't forget to share this article on your social media profiles. Thank you for reading my article and visit again to know something interesting and useful.


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