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How to book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC?

Booking Tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) is not very easy, but possible! Today we are going to know about, How to book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC website? Difference between General tickets and tatkal tickets is very clear, general tickets are available to book before 3 months of your journey date. While tatkal ticket is available for booking before one day of your traveling date. For booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC website everyone needs to know about the Indian railways rules for tatkal tickets. Because there are different timing for booking tatkal tickets and you need to book your tatkal ticket before the day of your journey. Tatkal ticket is very helpful for those who need urgent tickets for any emergency and for those people who didn't get confirm ticket in general reservation.

Tatkal ticket booking timing on IRCTC
IRCTC tatkal ticket booking rules

What is the timing of tatkal ticket booking?

There are different timings for booking tatkal tickets for AC coach and non AC coach. If the passenger want tatkal tickets of AC coaches then the tatkal booking for AC coaches is starts from 10 am and for non AC coaches tatkal ticket booking starts from 11 am.

How to book tatkal ticket faster on IRCTC?

There are very limited seats in tatkal quota which can be finished in a few minutes after it available for booking. Normal reservation tickets are available for booking before the 3 months of your journey date, but tatkal ticket is available only a day before your journey date. So how we can book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC? Let's know

First decide which ticket you have among AC or non AC and login on IRCTC website before the 5 minutes of booking timing. For AC tatkal ticket timing is 10 am and for non AC tatkal tickets timing is 11 am. So keep in mind that while booking tatkal tickets on IRCTC or also at the Indian railways reservation counter.

Login to your IRCTC profile before 5 minutes of booking time. Select tatkal quota and click on the check availability button exactly before the 1 minute of designated time and then press refresh button when booking booking time is come. Please don't refresh your browser, there is one refresh button on IRCTC website to check ticket booking status, so try to refresh at perfect timing. Because ticket "book" button is only seen at the correct timing 10 am for AC and 11 AM for non AC coaches. So click on refresh button two three times at 10:59 am.

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Google Chrome is the best browser for booking tickets on IRCTC, because it provides many options for user so he or She can book their tickets faster than other browsers. Fill passengers list before one or two hours of the booking time and use it later while booking instead of manually filling all the passenger details. Because when you fill passengers details in IRCTC crome saves your information and at the time of booking you don't need to waste your time on typing names, ages and other information again and again. Chrome shows you the recently used passenger names when you type first latter of his/her name. This method can saves lots of time and increase the chances of getting confirm tatkal ticket.

Every second is very important while booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC. Chrome also provide some third party extension which can helps you to fill all passengers details in just a single click. IRCTC tatkal ticket autofill extension is best for booking tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC. Using this chrome extension passenger can book their tatkal ticket in just 30 sec. All you need to do is enter your ticket details and this chrome plugin save all your journey information on your computer and automatically fill all the details of your journey when you log in on IRCTC. Passenger just have to fill the Captcha codes. It works perfectly on new generation e-ticketing system of IRCTC. 

There are also some other option available for booking tatkal ticket faster on IRCTC like third party software, but for this you need to spend some money to buy this software. This is not legal method to book tatkal ticket which is used by most of the ticket agents. This software can automatically book many tatkal ticket in one time when booking starts. That's why IRCTC put some restrictions on the third party agents. 

Indian railway tatkal ticket booking rules
IRCTC tatkal ticket booking tricks

Indian railway tatkal ticket booking rules

Tatkal ticket booking window opens 1 day in advance. For e.g. if your travel date is on 10th then tatkal booking will open for you on 9th. Other side, if your journey date at boarding station is 10th and the train starting date from the origin station is 9th, then tatkal booking will open for you on 8th.

Tatkal ticket booking timing

For all AC coaches - 10 am
For all non AC coaches - 11 am

Can passenger travel with tatkal waiting ticket in Indian railways?

Yes, passengers can travel in Indian railways with tatkal waiting ticket (TQWL), but only when that ticket is booked from indian railway's official ticket booking counter. Passenger can only travel in Indian railway with TQWL ticket if he or she has counter printed tickets. 

Any passenger with waiting E-ticket (tickets booked through IRCTC website) are not allowed to board the train, because online booked waiting ticket is automatically cancelled after the train chart preparation if it's not get confirm.

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How to cancel tatkal ticket on IRCTC?

Log in to your IRCTC account

Go to ‘Cancel Ticket’ section

Now enter your ticket PNR number and click on cancel ticket

No any refund is provided on cancellation of confirmed tatkal ticket on IRCTC and also at the counter

But, in case if you have a confirmed tatkal ticket and your train is running late by 3 hrs or more then you can claim your refunds on cancellation of confirmed tatkal ticket from IRCTC by filing a TDR request on IRCTC website

Cancellation of RAC/Wait List Tatkal ticket

If you want to cancel your RAC or Waiting List Tatkal ticket then do it before the 30 min of your train departure timing, the traveller is entitled for full refund amount with a minimum cancellation charge of Rs.60.

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