Friday, 17 January 2020

Top 5 cutest animals on this planet

We lost many animals and trees in Amazon rainforest fire and now in Australia bushfire. Millions of animals are found dead in Australia bushfire, millions of animals are highly injured and they are fighting for their life in hospitals. This is very sad incident not only for Australia for the whole world. Some people also lost their lives while saving animals in this bushfire. Not only firefighters, but local people also helping injured animals who captured by massive fire in Australia. I never ever seen this type of incident before, this is very heart broken experience for everyone. The images from Australia bushfire are very heart-melting, why this massive fire incident happened in Australia?

Amazon rainforest fire is man-made disaster, which intentionally done by some people's, but Australia bushfire is natural disaster which happened due to the hot temperature. In the month of December temperature in Australia goes upto 41°C which is the main reason behind happening this massive fire in Australia. Fire is a common issue in Australian forest, but anyone didn't expect this type of massive fire. This is very unexpected incident for everyone and because of fast wind this fire spread in all over the forest in some minutes who takes millions of animals life. The most effected animals by Australia bushfire are koalas and kangaroos, because there are large number of koalas and kangaroos living in the forest of Australia as compared to other animals. So today's article is on animals where we know about the most cutest animals on this planet.


The national animal of China
Panda images
Panda is the most cutest animal in the world, their behaviour is just like any small kid which makes them very cute animals in the world. Panda is a native animal of south central China, which is easily recognized by black and white patches across it's body. The giant panda and red panda both look very cute and they are not very dangerous like lion and tiger.


Injured koala in Australia
Koala Australia
Koala mostly found in the forest of Australia, which is now distroyed by massive bushfire and we lost millions of koalas in this incident. Animals are very important part of our planet and we need to protect them from this type of incidents. Koala is the most cutest animal on this planet, because of its friendly behaviour with humans. I feel so sad for those animals who lost their lives in this massive bushfire of Australia. Koala is looks like a little baby and I can't see him crying, because it melts my heart.


Dolphin images
Jumping dolphin
Dolphin is the second most intelligent creature after human on this planet which also look very cute. Dolphin are very friendly animals with humans and they can understand what we want to say them. Dolphins are very smart and they can think like us and also they have very sharp memory. Many times dolphins help others animals or humans to reach at the surface of the beach.

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Rabbit images
Cute rabbit
Rabbits are looks very cute because of their innocent face, but they are also very intelligent animals. Rabbits are good for indoor pets, because they are very adorable animals, but when you take any animal to your house as a pet then you need to be very careful about them. It's your responsibility to take care of them, because animal is like a little cute baby!

Cat or kittens

Cute kitten images
Cute Cat
Kittens or cats are show their high level of cuteness to us especially while they are hungry. Cats are very friendly animals and some people use them for their indoor security, but they can't protect their owners like dogs. Cat also look so cute while sleeping and sleeping is a very favourite part of their life. Normally cats can sleep 15 hours a day!

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