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Shin Chan house in Japan - Kasukabe Town

Japan is very famous country for animation and cartoons. Some places in Japan like Kasukabe got huge popularity because of popular japanese cartoons like Doraemon, Shin Chan, Kiteretsu and many more. That spot featured in cartoon series is now become a famous tourist destination, lots of tourists come here to see the Shin Chan's town Kasukabe in real life. If you don't know Shin Chan or Doraemon, then these are the popular cartoon character in Japan which are now become popular in all over the world. Who is Shin Chan? Shin Chan is a 5 year old cartoon character of Shin Chan television series who lives in Kasukabe city, Saitama prefecture, Japan. He lives in Kasukabe township with his parents, baby sister, dog and friends, Shin Chan's dad name is Harry and mom is misae nohara, his little sister name is himawari nohara and shinchan's dog name is shiro. This is the small and happy family of shinchan.

Kasukabe town in Japan
Kasukabe railway station
In some recent years, there are many Shin Chan's movie released in different languages, in which we saw the adventures of Shin Chan's Life. I also love to watch Shin Chan, because this is one of my favourite cartoon series. The funny activities of five year old kid always makes me to laugh hard. In this cartoon series we can see Shin-Chan's school, Kasukabe railway station and shopping centre in Kasukabe town. But in real life Shin Chan's Kasukabe town is available to explore in Saitama prefecture of Japan. There are lots of Shin Chan related things to see, bacause many places of shin chan cartoon series is taken from Kasukabe town in Japan. Kasukabe river, Kasukabe railway station, Shin Chan's school in Kasukabe, Kasukabe shipping centre are real life locations in Japan's Saitama prefecture. Kasukabe city in Japan is famous for Shin Chan's house, but in real life there is no any Shin Chan house located in Kasukabe. Shin Chan cartoon series made this small town of Japan popular one. Lots of tourists from different countries of the world come here with their childrens to see the Shin-Chan's town Kasukabe. Here you can get all things related to Shin Chan like Shin Chan's favourite action hero "Action kamen" toys, Shin Chan toys and lots more.

Shin Chan house in Kasukabe city
Kasukabe city in Japan
Kasukabe city in Japan is famous for the kiri-tansu production, a traditional dress which made from paulownia wood. There is also a crayon Shin Chan Game centre, which definitely you have to explore when you visit Japan. Lots of game, Shin Chan toys, Shin Chan merchandise, Shin Chan cards and many more things to see or purchase. If you want to play the games at crayon Shin Chan game centre, then You will need spare change of 100 yen coins. But in case if you don't have change, there is also a spare change machine

To get spare change from this machine you need to insert notes of 1000 yen and get coins in exchange. So you don’t have to worry about change!

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Crayon Shin Chan game centre in Japan
Crayon Shin Chan game centre

How to reach at crayon Shin Chan game centre?

it is located close to Kasukabe railway station, so the best way to go by train, this is the very easiest way to reach there. It is just located 5 minutes walking distance from the Kasukabe station.

Admission Fee - Free
Opening - 10 AM-8 PM
Address - 3rd floor, lala garden kasukabe,  Minami, Kasukabe-shi1-1-1, Saitama, 344-0064
Official site -

Shin Chan shopping centre in Kasukabe
Crayon Shin Chan game centre
Kasukabe is a very small place in Japan which can easily explore in one day. Being a small town there are no many things to do and attractions to visit expect Shin Chan town.

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