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YouTube is now become a most powerful platform to show your talent to the whole world. There are lots of people in the world who got popularity because their videos gone viral on YouTube. The most popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber was got huge popularity after upload his first song video viral on YouTube. Nowadays many people making YouTube movies, vlogs and also short film or web series with their mobile phones and got millions of subscribers on YouTube and getting huge fan following (How to get subscribers on YouTube?). Also lots of Pro Gamers upload their Gameplay videos on YouTube and getting huge fan following. YouTube is a best place for creative people, where they can show their creative ideas to the world. For youtube videos you don't need to purchase any high quality video cameras or video recorders, just have one mobile phone with good camera to show your skills.

Most viewed videos on YouTube
Most viewed Youtube videos

This days many people starting their personal vlogging or Gaming channels on YouTube and earning good money with it. That's why, lots of people choosing their career as a YouTube vlogger and YouTube Gamer. There are lots of famous YouTube vloggers in the world, like PewDiePie, Mr Beast, Dude Perfect and many more. So today we are not going to know about the best youtube vloggers in the world, we are going to know about the most popular and viral YouTube videos in the world. So let's get start!

Top viral videos of all time

Dad and little daughter singing girls like you

Little girl singing girls like you

Girls like you is one of the most popular songs on YouTube, which sung by maroon 5 band. Girl's like you song of maroon 5 hits millions of views on YouTube after just few hours of upload. Most of the viral videos on YouTube are related to music videos (most of them are Tiktok videos). So if you want to make your video viral on YouTube, then makes music related videos. The amazing lip syncing of this adorable little girl with her dad on the girls like you song is got millions of views from all over the world. This video is featured in the YouTube trending list of many countries. Because of the perfect lip syncing of this little girl this video is called as the most adorable video on YouTube.

White girl dancing on African song

White girl dancing on African song

The African dance style is very unique and looks more energetic, African dance is very easy for African people, because they learn this African dance steps from their childhood. But for white people it is very hard to learn and you need lots of energy to do that African dance moves. This video gone viral on YouTube, because there is white girl dancing with African kids, which is very perfect in African dance style. When people saw one white girl dancing with African kids on African song without losing single step they really feel amazed. This white girl name is Karina Palmira, which is very perfect in African dance style. I also watched this video more than 20 times, because the music and energy level of this kids are awesome.

Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up

Adorable videos on YouTube

This is the most adorable video on YouTube I ever watched, this video shows the beautiful relationship between brother and sister. The elder sister Sadie is crying because she doesn't want her little brother to grow up. In my childhood, I also doesn't want my little sister to grow up, because after grow up we can't play with each other like our childhood days. Sometimes we have to separate from each others because of some family issues and we can't able to make fun like our childhood days. Our childhood gifts us lots of adorable memories which we can't forget in our lifetime. Sometimes sister and brother don't talk with each others after growing up because of some issues between them. But in childhood we can't live without each other, after watching this video I feels like I am enjoying my childhood days.

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Passengers push the train to free a man

The power of unity

This video shows the good example of humanity and power of unity. One man trapped between the train and platform and all passengers comes to help them and push the train from one side. This video is a live example of humanity is still alive in the world. This incident was happened at Perth railway station of Australia. Not only mens, womens are also comes to push the train to free that man. This is a great act of kindness showed by the people of Perth, Australia.

Cristiano Ronaldo prank video

 Cristiano Ronaldo prank video

Cristiano Ronaldo, a most popular football player, which is well known for his amazing playing skills. This player is a inspiration for many football lovers, he loves to daily workout to make his body fit and healthy. Cristiano Ronaldo is very famous for his amazing goals and he breaks many world records in football. He is also known for his huge donations to the charities. This prank video is filmed in the Madrid Street of Spain and Cristiano Ronaldo changed his getup as a poor begger for this video. He seat on the road for many hours and playing football with street walkers, but no one can noticed him and also people don't give any interest to play football with him. Everytime he try to pass his football to the strangers but many people ignore him. But when one Little kid comes to play with him, he remove his all get-up and show him his real face behind the face of begger man. After that face reveal, many people come to see him, but he only gives his football with autograph to that little kids.

Apparently kid - Noah Ritter

Apparently kid video

This kind is amazing and funny, I can't stop my Laugh while watching this video. Sofia Ojeda is a news reporter comes to take interview of small children's, then he sees Noah and ask him some questions but he steals the show with his hilarious answers of every question. This video make him a very famous personality and after that he was also invited in the Ellen's show and many other popular television shows of America. If you feel sad or depressed then watch this video, which can definitely makes your day! The talking styles of Noah Ritter is a very different from others and also hilarious too.

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Animal saved humans life

Animal saved humans life

Humanity is also seen in animal, more than human! Many time we saw or listen that animal saved humans life. Animals are far better than human in the act of kindness, there are many cases in which animal protected human form death. People thinks, some animals are very dangerous for humans mostly wild animals and they're very harmful for us, but no any animal attack on you without any reason. Why animals are attacking on human? Because humans destroyed their houses. No any animal cut the trees to make their houses they live on the trees or in the caves, because they know the importance of nature. But human don't know it, and that's why many times nature warn us by showing its power in the form of landslides, floods, tornado or earthquake. The only reason behind the destroying earth is "selfishness of human", earth is for everyone and every living thing on the earth has same right to live, then why we are destroying their houses? And what we expect from them in return? They also has families, they also wants to protect their childrens and the main thing they protects nature not destroying like us.

Recently, the Amazon rainforest which is a only biggest rainforest in the whole world and home of many different types of rare animal species was captured by the biggest Firestrom and lots of innocent animals lost their lives in it. We all need to save the amazon rainforest, because this is a only biggest source of oxygen and medicinal plants and also we need to protect there animals too. We are making the jungle of concrete by destroying nature, which is very harmful for us in future. If you cut single tree for any reason please plant 3 or more trees there or anywhere you want, saving and planting more trees is the only way to save the Nature.

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