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What is bot and how to spot them in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena freefire are the most popular online mobile multiplayer games right now. Many players wants to know about, how to spot bots in PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena freefire, Fortnite and other multiplayer games? Nowadays, many popular PC games like PUBG, Fortnite and Call of Duty working hard to makes their gaming environment Mobile Friendly, so peoples can enjoy PC like experience on their mobile phones. While playing this types of virtual reality games many players didn't know anything about bots, so in this article i will tell you about, how to identify bots in PUBG Mobile?

How to spot a bot in game
How to spot a bot in PUBG Mobile

Before knowing about, how to spot bots in games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite and Garena freefire? We need to know, what is bots in the game?

What is a bot?

In simple words, bot is a computer generated character which controlled by CPU or AI. All bots are dressed as real players and that's why it is very hard to identify them by their clothing, so how we can identify bot players in the games? Bot players looks same like other players, they occupied with backpacks, guns and helmets like real players in the game, so how we can find difference between bot player and real player?

How to identify bots in PUBG Mobile and other multiplayer games?

How to know bot players in the game?
Bots in PUBG Mobile

  • In battle royale games like PUBG and Call of Duty we can spot bots in low or medium loot locations or if you are alone or landing in low rush locations on the map. To identify any bot player we need to know their features and how they move and shoot. 

  • Bot players can't able to move and shoot like real players in the game, they just stop at one position and starts to shoot towards you.

  • Bots have guns, backpack and helmets, but they don't have greneds and any player can identify them by their firing style, bots use brust firing mode and can't continuously fire like real players in the game

  • Player can Kill any bot easily in the game with pan or by punch and get some weapons and armours. Bots are mostly spot in low density loot locations areas where you can get best guns and other armour equipments by killing a bot player.

  • Bots can also be found in buildings and two story houses, but they can't instantly shoot towards you. Stand and shoot towards the enemy is the most common feature of bot players in the game.

  • Bots usually carry certain guns like M16A4, Tommy Gun, uzi or UMP 9. If you don't find any gun after landing, then try to kill a bot player to get some weapons and armours.

  • When any player play his first ever match, then he can spot many bot players in the game, so it's easy to win a Chicken Dinner for him. The first match is tutorials to ease you into PUBG Mobile.

  • To get real players in the game players have to increase their levels, because bots mostly appear in the matches of low level players. So keep playing and level up your game profile, then you will find more real players in the game.

  • Real Players can also identify bot players by their name after killing them, because the name of bot player is very different from others.

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So these are some points by using them you can spot bot players easily in PUBG Mobile or other battle royale games. I hope this post helpful for you to know about bot in the game. Bot is a very important part of every virtual reality game, if there is no any real player available in the game computer automatically generate bot players to start the game and players don't have to wait for long time to starts their gameplay.

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