Friday, 29 November 2019

Top Best Adult Web series to watch on Netflix | Adult Comedy Web Series

What is a Netflix? Netflix is a American media company which is headquartered in Los Gatos region of California. media and production company was started in 29 August 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Netflix is online media network which is not available on your home television, for watching popular shows on Netflix you need to pay their subscription fees and also have internet connection with good speed. Their are many best Web series and movies on Netflix which are really worth to watch. So here I will tell you about the best adult Web series to watch on Netflix, which are only available for 18+ Netflix members.

List of best adult web series on Netflix

Shameless episodes watch now
Shameless web series | Netflix


This show is based on a British family which settled in Chicago. It revolves around the life of a alcoholic father who has 8 kids and they all are don’t care about anything but only themselves. This is one of the best adult comedy web series to watch on Netflix.

Sex Education web series 2019
Sex Education web series | Netflix

Sex education

This is another best adult comedy British series on Netflix which is about a socially awkward guy who didn't experienced any intimacy and romance in his life but his mother is a sex therapis, so because of this he is surrounded by so much information about sex and to improve his image in college he starts his own advisory clinic with a female friend. But while doing research on teenage sexuality, he decides that he may need some therapy of his own. This web series is really worth to watch, which can make your day happier!

Animated adult comedy web series
Bojack Horseman animated web series | Netflix

Bojack Horseman

This is the first animated adult comedy web series from Netflix which is not for the kids. The story of this show is revolves around a Humanoid horse who was the adoptive father of three orphaned kids, in which two are girls and one boy. This show is the most hilarious thing to watch and experience the journey of that horse. There are plenty references of sex, drugs and alcohol. So this animated show is absolutely not for kids.

Atypical episodes 2019
ATYPICAL web series | Netflix


This is an best American adult comedy show which is only available on Netflix to watch. It shows the life of  teenager boy Sam who is an Autistic guy and he decides to finally open the romance chapter of his life to be more independent. This web series is written by Robia Rashid and produced by Seth Gordon, who also win academy award.

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Orange Is The New Black latest seasons
Orange is the new black web series | Netflix

Orange Is The New Black

This is a another best American adult comedy web series that shows the life of Piper. After the ten years of transporting drug money to Alex she is imprisoned for the crime and thrown into the prison. The strict environment of prison changes her drastically and compelling her to do the unthinkable things.

Masters Of Sex new season
Master of sex web series | Netflix

Masters Of Sex

This is one of the most popular dramatic web series on Netflix which openely talks about the human s*xuality. The scientists of human sexuality William Masters and Virginia Johnson both are well known for their works in human sexuality. Virginia Johnson is a divorced mother and William Masters is also divorces his wife, so its very interesting to watch what is the main story of this two characters.

Riverdale web series| Netflix


This show is based on a town which named as a "Riverdale" where murders, romance, mysteries and se* everything happens under one roof. The mysterious death of a student turns Riverdale town atmosphere into dark. To solve this mystery Archie and his friends try to connect the missing pieces together. This dramatic web series is really worth to watch on Netflix.

You me and her web series | Netflix

You Me Her

This is a romantic comedy web series which talks about a relationship among three people. Some surprising turns in life take their relationship to another direction. Wonderful writing and great character make this show more interesting to watch, guilt, desire, romance, commitment, feelings and complacency all in this package.

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Wanderlust episodes on Netflix
Wanderlust web series | Netflix


This show is about a relationship between husband and wife. A therapist who try their best to save her marriage which was destroyed after they find some intimacy problems in their life. This show is written by Nick Payne, the story of this show is about the exploration of the relationships of multigenerational family, which finding the ways for creating a happy relationship. Wanderlust is the story of love, lust and forbidden desire.

Easy web series latest episodes on Netflix
Easy web series | Netflix


This is a American comedy web series, in which a group of friends want to try and reignite their sex life and love life by exploring modern romance technology and culture. There is no any violence and hate, this web series is just about people and their relationship. The characters of this show done their respective roles perfectly and you can feel it while watching.

The client list web series | Netflix

The Client List

This show is only available to watch on Netflix which is about a Texas woman named Riley parks. She is a single mother who leading two lives, one for the world and the other one which is a secret. For fulfilling financial needs, she decided to take a job at day spa centre in nearby town. But after noticing her co-worker who provides additional services to their customers for getting extra income, Riley also decided to join them to resolve her financial needs. This story shows the struggle of Riley Parks who wants to keep her work secret from the world.

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