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Different types of hand gestures and their meaning

Hand signs or hand gestures describe more than words. There are many types of hand gestures in the world which used to express yourself without talking. Every country has their different hand gestures. So today we are going to know about the meaning of different types of hand sign in the world. Many people know about middle finger and victory hand gesture, because it is most used hand signs in the world. But there are lots of other hand gestures which are very important to know. Hand gestures or hand signs are very important mode of communication, especially if you are traveling in different countries of the world. Hand gestures is the best way to talk with any person who don't understand your language. So let's get start.

Meaning of hand signs
Naughty hand gestures

'V' shaped hand sign

Many people thinks that 'V' sign is only used to show the victory, but there are lots of other meaning of this hand gesture. This sign is also used to express some naughtiness when you bring your tongue into play. I think you understand the meaning of this naughty hand sign, but if you not still guessed then this one is used to express your feelings about the oral sex.

Peace gesture
Two finger hand gesture

'Peace' hand sign

The two finger sign is also used for peace, peace sign is one of the world's most popular sign to express peace.

Two finger salute sign
Two finger salute gesture

'Two finger salute' sign

Two finger salute hand gesture is looks similar like a peace sign, but in this gesture you can see the back side of the fingers, not front?

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I love you hand sign
Heart shaped gesture

'Heart shaped' hand sign

Heart shaped sing is mostly used to express 'Love'. Many people use this heart shaped hand gesture to say 'I Love you' to their partner. This is one of the most used hand gestures in the world. Many people hesitate to say I love you to their partner, but using this sign people can express their love without saying nothing.

Rock on gesture
Party gesture

'Rock On' hand gesture

It is used to express having a good time. You can notice this type of sign in live concert or music events. Having a good time hand sign is also a most used hand gesture in the world.

Middle finger hand gesture
Middle finger hand gesture

'Middle finger' hand gesture

There are lots of meaning of middle finger hand gesture and it depends upon how you display to the people? If the middle finger turned sideways means the same thing as the traditional finger in the air. Sometimes people use this gesture because it's less obtrusive than other one.

Loser hand gesture
Loser hand gesture

'Loser' hand gesture

Lots of people know about the meaning of this hand sign already. But in case if you don't, the "L" sign is used to say loser.

I love you hand gesture
I love you hand gesture

'I love you' hand sign

The most popular hand sign to express your Love is heart shaped hand gesture, but very few people know about this another hand gesture to say I love you to your partner. This hand gesture is taken from American Sign Language, which simply used to say "I love you".

Ok hand sign
Ok hand sign

'Ok' hand sign

When the thumb and index finger into a circle, and holding the other fingers straight or relaxed. It sign is mostly used to signifies that "I am OK"

Thumbs up sign
Thumbs up hand sign

'Thumbs up' sign

Thumbs up hand sign is used to say like, yes or done. This is the most common hand sign, that people use in their everyday life.

Thumb down sign
Thumbs down sign

'Thumbs down' sign

This hand sign is used to Dislike anyone on social media platforms and in real life it means bad or not satisfied with the work.

Hand sings for taking lift
Ask for lift hand sign

'Ask for lift' gesture

The thumb up hand wave is the most recognized sign in all over the world for asking lifts. Incorrect position will not get the driver's attention, so make sure to stand at the perfect place like traffic signal or gas station and give clear directions to your destination when you have to take a lift.

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  1. Hello. There is another gesture that is good. "Hang Loose": with fist extend pinky and thumb. Rotate wrist (optional) for further emphasis. Surfers often use this much like the peace sign with intent to relax.

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