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Which one is the best Battle Royale game to play, PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile?

PUBG Mobile has ruled the mobile battle royale gaming platform for a long time, by giving a high competition to Fortnite especially in Asian countries. But, now the real competitor of PUBG is entered in the mobile gaming market in the form of Activision's, Call of Duty: Mobile.

Difference between PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile

Both games are looking great for playing on mobile, which gives you a adventure of intense combat, attractive maps, differing gameplay modes and massive multiplayer action. After the release of Call of duty mobile beta version, all users had been waiting for call of duty mobile official version release and now the time is come. In a very few days of release, call of duty mobile gets millions of downloads in all over the world. Lots of players are getting frustrated with PUBG Mobile, because of lots of bugs, glitches and hackers in the game and they wanted something different which can beat this game and now their wish is fulfilled in the form of call of duty mobile.

But before downloading Call of duty mobile on your smartphone, you have to know this,, what is the difference between Call of duty mobile and PUBG Mobile?

COD Mobile graphics
Call of duty mobile ultra graphics
The graphics of PUBG Mobile is powered by the Unreal Engine, while Call of Duty Mobile runs on the Unity engine. There is no any big difference between them, but Unreal is associated with photo-realistic visuals, which gives you a amazing realistic gaming experience while Unity games need to do lot more work to get better polished look.

The main difference that anyone can immediately spot in these two games are their characters graphics. PUBG Mobile characters looks more realistic and it created with fine detail, while Call of duty mobile feels graphically dense, which not gives you a same level quality like PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile has also provided lots of open space in their maps, while in CoD mobile the things seem thickly plastered. Anyone can easily find that finer details, like the type of grass lying on the ground isn't as clear in CoD as looks in PUBG.

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COD mobile is not looks bad, but it feels like we are playing in portraying world. In fine details, I don't think that COD mobile is looks as clear as PUBG while recognising different types of ammo for your gun.

One of the best element of call of duty mobile is the gaming environment. There are windows in COD mobile to break and fences that smash, while in PUBG Mobile you can't destroy anything. That makes COD Mobile feel more dynamic in some areas of the map. In PUBG Mobile, there is not any single window and the only distroyable environmental element is doors. That means COD mobile gives you some better environmental element to distroy as compare to PUBG Mobile. Call of duty mobile also has lots more things for explosions, which you don't get in PUBG Mobile.

COD Mobile game modes
COD gameplay modes
Gameplay modes
Both games are developed by Tencent, so there you can see some similarities among them, especially in controls, which looks similar in layout and on-screen elements also. PUBG feels like a battle royale game after you open it first, with a different types modes in arcade section. All Arcade options are in battle royale style and sniper training or mini zone are basically a smaller version of the main game.

COD Mobile feels different, when you open it first. It opens with multiplayer mode, which is a 5 vs 5 battle in smaller areas like crash, killhouse, crossfire, hijacked and Nuketown. It also has number of different modes in 5 vs 5 multiplayer battle like frontline, deathmatch, dominations and search and destroy. PUBG Mobile don't gives you these types of modes in their game and it can took a year or more to offer this type of multiplayer modes for PUBG. With all these multiplayer modes COD Mobile offers more engaging and dynamic gameplay.

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In battle royale segment Call of duty Mobile has currently only one map, with zombies battle. There are many gameplay elements available for players that PUBG Mobile doesn't have, like helicopters and reviving your teammates after they dead, that makes Call of duty Mobile different from PUBG.

COD Mobile costumes

Upgrades and loadouts
The most biggest difference between PUBG and CoD is how upgrades work in both games. PUBG Mobile offers new costumes, themes and gun skins with the ability to start the game by wearing a maharaja outfit or be dressed like a joker.

COD Mobile offers a collection of different character styles and some accessories like the colour of your suit, but here you not get any option to choose all your clothes and body characters.

In PUBG you have to start your game without any weapons in battle royale, while in COD mobile you get a knife and some extra skills. But while playing in arcade modes you get lot more freedom from CoD to choose your own upgrade. In Call of duty mobile you can get a chance to choose and upgrade your weapons and loadout it with the variety of available options.

Both games have a purchase option, where you can buy credits and passes to buy crates or skins.


Which one is better to play PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile?

Every PUBG Mobile player will easily know how to play Call of Duty Mobile because, both are developed by Tencent and has similar enough to test your skills. But, Call of Duty Mobile offers much better arcade experience than PUBG Mobile. It feels better while playing for face to face action, sliding around, launching hunter or kill drones and close combat with enemy. it's something different that PUBG Mobile doesn't offer us.

When it comes to battle royale mode, we still think that PUBG Mobile looks better than COD and gives a nice realistic gaming experience. But, if you always like to jumps into Pochinki for the intense rush fight, then Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer mode might suit you.

If you are one of those PUBG player who likes to hide themselves to get to the last 10 players, then you might not find that in Call of Duty Mobile.

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