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What is the meaning of RAC, RLWL, PQWL, RLGN, RSWL and RQWL in Indian railways?

Indian railway ticketing system is very complicated, sometimes lots of people don't even understand that, their’s ticket confirmed or not. Lots of people confused about the codes written on the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) tickets. IRCTC operates all long route trains in India. The Indian railway system is one of the most biggest railway system in the world. There are lots of short codes in Indian railways and people don't know anything about them. So let's know the meaning of RAC, RLWL, GNWL, RLGN, CKWL and lots more.

IRCTC - Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation
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We get waiting list tickets when there are no any seats available in the train. Indian railways has different types of quotas for each train. Every quota has some fixed number of reserved seats in different types of classes in Indian railways.

Can I travel with waiting list ticket in Indian railways?
If this is your question then the answer is yes, but you can't travel on waiting listed ticket if you booked it from IRCTC online portal. Indian railway not allow those passengers to board the train who booked tickets from IRCTC online portal, those passengers can only travel if their tickets are confirmed before the chart preparing. For traveling on waiting list ticket in Indian railways passengers have to book their tickets on official reservation counter of Indian railways. Means, if you have counter waiting list ticket print, then you can travel in the train without any difficulty.

Same with Tatkal waiting list ticket, if you book Tatkal ticket from online IRCTC portal and you got TQWL ticket, then you can't travel with it in the train. But if you book at the railway reservation counter and you got Tatkal waiting ticket (TQWL) then you can definitely travel with it in the train.

RAC - RAC means Reservation Against Cancellation. If you get RAC ticket, then you have to share your seat with another person. In RAC ticket you get a side lower seat, which you have to share with other person. If RAC gets confirmed you can get full seat.

CNF - This code is defines that your ticket is confirmed. If your ticket is on waiting, then check its PNR (Passenger Name Record) number till the last day of travel. If your ticket gets confirmed then you can see CNF in your PNR status.

CAN - CAN means Cancel, if you cancel your ticket. Your PNR status display CAN MOD, if you book 4 or 6 person in one ticket and you want to cancel one of them then you can do this by going in your booking history or at the railway reservation counter.

GNWL - This means your ticket is on general waiting list and there are very high chances to be confirmed. Just check your PNR number to know your ticket status, if it's get confirmed GNWL turned into CNF.

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RLWL - lots of people confused about this code of Indian railway. RLWL (Remote Location waiting List) means ticket issued for intermediate stations (between the beginning and terminating stations) because there may be some important towns on the route of train. This type of tickets given separate priority and confirmation will depends on the cancellation of important destination tickets. For this type of tickets there are very low chances of confirmation. Normally this type of waiting list is issued in thoes trains which travel through different states. Like Mumbai to Mangalore, Mumbai to Delhi and lots more.

PQWL - Pooled Quota Waiting List is shared by some small railway stations, normally operated from originating stations of the route and there is only one pooled quota for entire journey of the train. The pooled quota is alloted to those passengers who traveling from originating stations to terminating stations or from intermideat station to terminating stations.

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RLGN - Remote Location General waiting List is alloted to users when he book ticket at the time of WL quota is RLWL. This means after booking RLWL ticket it gets named as RLGN.

RSWL - Roadside Station Waiting List is alloted to the Passenger when he book ticket from originating stations to journey upto the roadside stations and distance restrictions not apply on this ticket. RSWL tickets also very less chances of confirmation.

RQWL - Request Waiting List ticket is alloted when passenger book ticket from one intermideate station to another intermediate station or if it is not comes under General, Remote Location or Pooled quota.

TQWL - Tatkal Waiting List ticket is know as TQWL. This Waiting List used to be CKWL, which has been changed to TQWL from December 2016 by the Indian railway. Tatkal Waiting List ticket can be directly confirmed after it goes up and you can get full seat. Here you doesn't go through RAC status of GNWL. TQWL tickets are very less chances to get confirmed.

Thanks for reading my post and i hope this will helps you to understand the different types of quotas in Indian railways. I try to explain my best, but if you still have confusion then contact Indian railway information centre or call on 139.


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