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Top 5 PUBG Mobile streamers in India | Most popular PUBG Mobile youtubers in India

There are lots of pubg mobile streamers in the world who plays on live stream. But, the popularity of PUBG Mobile is very high in Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and lots more. So today we know about the top 5 PUBG Mobile youtubers in India. There are lots of Pro PUBG Mobile Players in India, who shows their amazing playing skills to others. Some players are getting high views on YouTube with their amazing gameplay. Some players have their own squad which daily participate in PUBG Mobile tournaments and some are playing only on stream. So let's know about the top 5 PUBG Mobile streamers in India.

Top PUBG Mobile streamers in India

Dynamo Gaming
The real name of Dynamo is Aditya Sawant and he is very famous for his own dialogue "PATT SE HEADSHOT". Dynamo Gaming is a very fast growing Youtube channel in India. he is one of the favorites PUBG Mobile Players and leader of Hydra clan in India. Now in some days he complete his 5 million subscribers on YouTube. He is emulator player, but now Dynamo is also practicing on mobile phone.

Top PUBG Mobile Youtubers in India

The another popular name in PUBG Mobile gaming is Mortal. The real name of Mortal is naman Mathur and he is leader of Team Soul clan. Team Soul is very popular PUBG Mobile team in India, which also won the PUBG Mobile India tournament 2019. Mortal is also called as a Soul Mortal, he runs his own channel on YouTube and has over 2.5 million subscribers on it.

Top PUBG Mobile streamers in India

Kronten Gaming
Chetan Sanjay Chandgude is a real name of kronten. He is one of the best PUBG Mobile Player in India and he shows his daily gameplay on live stream. Kronten gaming has over 1.5 million subscribers on his channel. He plays on both devices like emulator or Mobile. Kronten is a member of Team God, which participate in PUBG Mobile tournaments.

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Top PUBG Mobile youtubers in India

RawKnee Games
The real name of RawKnee is Rony Dasgupta and he attracts lots of people to watch his gameplay with his funniest commentary. He is the best Sniper of PUBG Mobile and play games in a very funniest manner. He is one of the best Pro PUBG Mobile emulator Player in India. RawKnee Games has over 1 million subscribers and he is not a member of any PUBG mobile clan.

Top PUBG Mobile YouTube Gaming channel in India

Poor Gamer clan
Mayank Yadav from Lucknow, India started his YouTube gaming channel Poor Gamer clan on 25 December, 2017. His first few videos helps him to gain his subscribers very fast and within a year, Mayank Yadav gained lots of fame and affection only because of his pro level gameplay. His down-to-earth nature, positive attitude and sense of humour makes him a great Gamer. Today he is one of the most successful and most loved streamers on YouTube India with over 7 lakhs subscribers.

These are some best PUBG Mobile streamers in India, but there are lots of Pro PUBG Mobile Players in India who don't have any channel on YouTube. But sometimes we meet them while playing a match or while spectating enemies or friends.

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