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PUBG Mobile performance on Android device vs iOS device

PUBG Mobile is now become the most played game in the world and it also known as the best and most realistic battle royale style game. While this game is not the only game in this type, there are lots of Battle Royale games available to play like Fortnite and Call of Duty (COD) Mobile. Today we know about the performance of PUBG Mobile game on Android device and iOS device. But, before that we need to know what is PUBG and how its work?

Best smartphones for PUBG Mobile

The full form of PUBG is Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and this game is available to play on all devices like Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Mobile. This is a Battle Game where 100 players are dropped off from a plane and each player can decide where to land from the plane by marking a spot to land on during the fall. Once player reach on the ground, the first thing to find survival items such as weapons, bulletproof jacket, helmet, health packs, armor, clothing and backpack to put all this in. These items are normally found in building or houses.

After collecting sufficient items for surviving till the end, players can start to killing others. The last survivor person is declared as a winner of the match. Players can not stay hidden at one place forever, because the playable area on the map keeps shrinking by circle after every few minutes. If any player caught outside of the circle, his health starts decreasing until he die or come back inside the circle or playzone. In the last moments of the match, the circle gets very small where you can no longer avoid fight with remaining players.

PUBG Mobile performance on Android and iOS devices
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile performance on Android and iOS

If you are using android device to play PUBG Mobile especially 2gb ram supported smartphones, then you can face some lagging issues while playing the game. PUBG Mobile is a high graphic game and it captures lots of space on your phone. But as compared to android device PUBG Mobile captures some extra space on iOS device. If you play PUBG Mobile on budget android smartphones Like Redmi note 5, then you can face some lagging issues while gameplay, but if you are using any iOS device for playing PUBG Mobile, then you can't face issues like android. PUBG Mobile runs very smooth on any latest iOS device. The PUBG Mobile performance on iOS device is quite faster than android device. PUBG Mobile performance on android device is very slow as compared to Apple devices. That's why many Pro PUBG Mobile Players use iOS devices to play PUBG Mobile very smoothly on ultra graphic settings.

Best iOS devices for PUBG Mobile
iPhone xs max
iPad Air
iPad mini 2
iPad Pro
iPad (5th generation)
iPod touch (6th generation).

Best android smartphones for PUBG Mobile
OnePlus 5t
OnePlus 6t
OnePlus 7
Honor play
Samsung Galaxy M20

PUBG Mobile gives better performance on higher ram and processors, so if you play PUBG Mobile on more than 3gb ram smartphone, then it will gives you a better gaming experience. I hope this post will helps you to decide your best gaming smartphone. If you like this post, then don't forget to share with others and keep visiting us.

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