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How to fix Google Play Store ”download pending” error?

The download pending issue of Google play store is very frustrating. Everytime when i go on play store to download any app it shows download pending error, because of this problem i can't able to download any app from Google play store. This download pending problem appears everytime when i go to download any app from play store, but now i can download any app from play store without any "download pending" problem. I found some solutions for fixing download pending issue of Google play store.

Google Play Store download pending

Everyone encountered some problems with Google Play store at one time. Every app has comes with its issues, so there is no any surprise. But still the things are more frustrating on Google play store while trying to download any new game or app. This is why i am here to help you in this. Here are some common fixes for Play Store download pending error. Let's know about them.

Google Play Store
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1. Keep your Play Store up-to-date
It is very important to keep your Play Store up-to-date everytime, because Google try to fix their bugs with its every update. If your app is old then update it to fix this issues. You will also encounter this issue if you download multiple apps at one time in play store. Sometimes play store automatically starts updating multiple apps at a time. You just need to stop them to download other apps.
  • For this open Google Play Store > Menu > My apps & games.
  • Now you will see which apps are in the updating process.
  • Just press the X next to them to cancel the updating/downloading process and proceed with the app you need.
Check internet connection speed
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2. Check internet connection
Sometimes it happens because of slow internet speed, so check your internet speed first. You can click here to check your internet speed. If your internet speed is slower, then you can face download pending issue. Check your data plan is active or finished and if you are using WiFi, then just restart your modem and then check your internet speed.

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Check smartphone storage space
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3. Check your storage space
Normally you will receive a notification in play store if your storage space is low. But you still suspect it might be causing the problem, to check your storage space manually
  • Go to settings > Storage.
  • Now try to free up some space by uninstalling unnecessary apps or deleting some unwanted photos and videos.
  • Try to download your app once again.
4. Restart your device
If it is still pending, you should try to restart your device. It might be unwanted step, but it’s a surprisingly effective sometimes. Just press and hold the power button of your device, then tap restart or reboot.

5. Download apps through your browser instead of Play Store
You can escape the download pending problem by downloading your apps via your mobile or PC browser. Just visit the official Google Play website and log into your Google account. Once you’ve done, type your desired app name in the search bar. Find it in the results and click on it.

Now you can simply press install button. Sometimes you might be asked to enter your account password again. Now you have to select a device of your choice from the dropdown list of devices which associated with your Google account. It’s not a guaranteed that, this trick worls for everyone, but it’s worth to try!

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6. Clear Google Play app cache and data
This is very effective way to fix download pending error of Google play store. If the above steps didn't help to fix this error, now it's time to try something different. Clearing the app cache and data of the Google Play Store app can solves a lot of problems, including download pending issues. (Note: in some Android version and UI the steps might be differ.)

  • To do this, just go to Settings > Installed Apps.
  • Locate Google Play Store app and tap on it.
  • Underneath the Disable, Uninstall updates, and Force stop buttons, you will see the clear cache option. Just Tap on it to clear your cache.
  • Before hit the clear cache button, Make sure that Google Play is closed and then hit on the Clear Cache button.
  • After clear cache also click on the clear all data as well.
Now just restart or reboot your device, once your smartphone has rebooted, downloads should be no longer be pending.

7. Daily check for system updates
It is very important to make your smartphone update with its current version. Nowadays every smartphone company provides new system updates for their users. In which they fix some issues of your smartphone. So make sure to update your smartphone with its latest version.

Thanks for reading this post, i hope this will helps you to fix your Play Store problems. Share this post with others and click on the Bell icon to get instant notification of our post.

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