Monday, 19 August 2019

PUBG Mobile introducing new zombie infection mode in 0.14.0 update

The next 0.14.0 update of PUBG MOBILE is coming up with new Infection Mode in the zombie mode. This new update of PUBG Mobile also brings new User Interface and some other changes. In previous update, PUBG Mobile gives new Team Death Match (TDM) mode like Call of Duty to their users and now new zombie infection mode is coming in next 0.14.0 update. In some days PUBG release the new 0.14.0 update for all users. Currently this mode is in testing process, so if you want to play this new zombie infection mode in PUBG Mobile, then you have to download PUBG Mobile beta version on your smartphone.

PUBG Mobile new zombie infection mode for players
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
The most popular online multiplayer shooting game PUBG Mobile is ready to introduce its new update 0.14.0 in some days, in which they are going to introduce many new things and modes. A zombie mode is a best ever feature in this new update. In zombie mode of PUBG Mobile all players have to hunt zombies and survive at the same time from the attack of different types of zombies. PUBG Mobile offered many updates in the zombie mode, but all users of PUBG Mobile are waiting for this new Infection mode. In which players also can act like zombies (it's strange, but also very interesting to see, how it works?).

The beta version of PUBG MOBILE has already received the 0.14.0 update, in which users can get a very new User Interface and lots of new things. But, the major one feature of this new update is the new zombie Infection mode. This new mode is offered under the Survive Till Dawn mode where players get a chance to live  zombie's life. In the Infection mode of PUBG Mobile, all players will randomly divided into zombies and defenders. Defender players are humans who have to kill down all zombies with available weapons. The defenders are able to use firearms and other players who playing as zombies will able to use melee attacks and abilities to cooldown the time.

In Infection mode, the defender (humans) players will have to kill down the zombie players and by doing this, they can turn the zombie player into a human. If a zombie kills human player then that player can be turned into a zombie. Now the question is, who will win the match? If all zombies are converted into humans, then the zombies will win or If the defenders stay alive till the end of the match duration, then they win. Each match has 15 minutes time limit.

The Infection mode is very similar to the recently instoduced Team Deathmatch mode (TDM), but here instead of 8 players, the number of players is more. I haven't tried the new update of PUBG Mobile beta version yet, because I already have PUBG Mobile global Version in my phone, so if I download PUBG Mobile beta version my phone start lagging. If you have more space in your phone then you can also try the beta version of PUBG Mobile with original one.

Apart from Infection mode, the latest 0.14.0 update also brings some other new changes. The game gets totally new UI design to make the things more easier for users. In this new update, the package size of game is reduced. This will save some pace on users device by offering only those features that players needs.

Also a new character system is introduced with this update. In this system, Each player gets a new character at the starting. This Characters also comes with one skill which is only works in EvoGround. All Characters can be customized with new outfits, voices, emotes and MVP emotes. I hope you like this post, don't forget to share with others and thanks for visiting.

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