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Which is the best control setting for PUBG Mobile? If this is your question, then today I am going to tell you about the PUBG Mobile controls of top pro PUBG players in the world. This players are not like those emulator player who think they are the best PUBG Mobile players. Playing PUBG on emulator and playing PUBG on Mobile phone is very different. It's very easy to play PUBG Mobile on emulator, because you can control your character using a buttons on keyboard and mouse. On emulator you can aim and shoot enemies just using your mouse and it's very easy to aim on emulators. But playing on Mobile phone is very difficult, you have to control your character using onscreen buttons and you don't get so much place on Mobile like emulator. Also sometimes we can't able to see our enemies because of onscreen control buttons and also your character move little slower than emulator players. But there are many PUBG Mobile player in the world who beat emulator players using their skills. They all are play PUBG using their Mobile phone or tablet not emulators and this players are the real pro PUBG Mobile players for me. Let's know about the controls of pro PUBG Mobile players in the world.

Pro PUBG players control settings
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
Coffin : This player from Turkey is one of the best thumb players of PUBG Mobile in the world, Coffin plays PUBG Mobile only using his two thumb. Coffin is the best pro PUBG player for me, because he don't use any claw setting, just play on thumb setting. Here is the PUBG Mobile control setting of coffin. If you want to be a best pro thumb player of PUBG Mobile then use this settings and practice it for some weeks, you can definitely become a pro thumb player like him.
Coffin's PUBG Mobile settings
Coffin PUBG control
Biubiu : This is another best PUBG Mobile player from Malaysia and he uses claw control setting to play PUBG on his mobile. His skills are so amazing and aggressive. Biubiu is well known for his rush gameplay and if you want to be the pro PUBG player like him then here are the control setting of biubiu for you. At first time you can face some difficulties but if you continuously using this settings, you can definitely become a pro PUBG player like him within a week.
Biubiu's PUBG Mobile settings
Biubiu PUBG control
Soul Mortal : Mortal is a pro PUBG player from India and a member of Team Soul, winner team of PUBG Mobile tournament in India and now playing for India in PUBG Mobile world tournament, Berlin. He plays PUBG on his tablet using claw control setting. Mortal is well known for his smart IQ level gameplay. This is a PUBG Mobile claw control setting of Soul Mortal.

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Mortal' s PUBG Mobile settings
Soul Mortal PUBG control
Izzo : Izzo is another world's best pro PUBG Mobile player from Denmark. He plays pubg using his two thumbs like coffin and well known for his aggressive gameplay. Playing PUBG Mobile using only thumb is very difficult, but this players make it very easy. Here are the two thumbs control setting of Izzo.
Izzo's PUBG Mobile settings
Izzo PUBG control

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RRQ D2E : This pro PUBG Mobile player is a member of RRQ clan in Thailand. He plays PUBG on his iPhone and kill enemies before they spot him. The reaction timing of RRQ D2E is amazing, that's why he is the best PUBG Mobile player in Thailand. This player is well known for his solo gameplay. Here are the PUBG Mobile controls of RRQ D2E.
RRQ D2E PUBG Mobile settings
RRQ D2E PUBG control
Panda : This player is famous for his one side gameplay. Panda is the best pro PUBG Mobile player from Sweden and he is well known for fast reaction timing. Panda - PUBG Mobile is his YouTube channel where he daily upload his rush gameplay videos. Lot's of people from all over the world watch his videos, because every gameplay of this player is very interesting. Panda use tablet for playing PUBG Mobile and he is a best solo player in the world. Panda has created his own fan base with its intense gameplay. Here are the PUBG Mobile controls of Panda

Panda - PUBG Mobile settings
Panda - PUBG Mobile control

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