Friday, 30 August 2019

New vehicle coming soon to PUBG Mobile | BRDM 2 TANK

In upcoming PUBG Mobile updates we can see some new vehicles, guns and new costumes. In which new armored vehicle, the BRDM-2 is the main attraction. This new BRDM-2 vehicle is already available in PC version of PUBG and now it is also available for Mobile users in some upcoming updates of PUBG Mobile. Every vehicle in PUBG Mobile has some pros and cons, like buggy car can run very fast but unstable while running, Motorcycle is also unstable on hilly roads. Three whiler bike is also very difficult to drive, because at some point it can change it's direction while fast driving.

Image credit - PUBG
The new BRDM-2 vehicle is also has some cons like, its slower than other vehicles in PUBG. In PUBG PC version players need to use Flare Guns to get the BRDM-2 instead of the special care package. The total HP of BRDM-2 is 2,500, and its health is double than other vehicles. It has sturdy wheels which cannot be damaged and also it is a powerful bulletproof vehicle which can reduce the damage from guns, grenades and also Red zone. This powerful PUBG tank provide much better protection than other vehicle and it can gives full cover from enemies firing or grenade attacks. The main and most important feature of this tank vehicle is, it can able to travel from ground to water. Yes! It can also runs over the water, but players can't able to shoot while running from this vehicle. The top speed of BRDM-2 tank in water can goes upto 22kmph and top speed on the road can goes upto 102kmph when boosted. The BRDM 2 tank can carry four players at a time.

Now in PUBG PC version, players can explode "Gas Can" by firing on them, this feature is not works in PUBG Mobile version. But, in some upcoming updates PUBG definitely add this feature in their PUBG Mobile version.

How to get or call BRDM 2 tank vehicle in PUBG?
To get the BRDM 2 vehicle, players have to use flare gun. This vehicle is very rare like M249 machine gun, AUG rifel or Awm Sniper gun. It can only be called in as a special Care Package of PUBG.

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