Friday, 23 August 2019

Helicopter locations in PUBG Mobile | how to get helicopters in PUBG Mobile?

After 0.14.0 update of PUBG Mobile, we can see some new items in the game, like pirate ships and helicopters. Both are not available to use in current version of PUBG Mobile, only one small pirate boat is available to drive just before match starts. This boat is not available to drive in match. Pirate ships and helicopters are just unworkable model in current version, but it might be available to drive in next update of PUBG Mobile. Today, we are going to know about the helicopter locations in PUBG Mobile. Where is helicopters located in PUBG Mobile? Currently, there are two spot's in PUBG Mobile, where you can see brand new helicopters which is not operatable.

Helicopters in PUBG
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
The first location of helicopter in PUBG Mobile is pochinki. Yes, if you want to see this new helicopters, then you have to land in the most favourite area of all PUBG Mobile Players, pochinki. Pochinki is the most favourite and also most dangerous spot in PUBG. Lot's of players land in pochinki at the same time, that's why this area is popular for rush gameplay. Here you can spot one helicopter which looks very new, but unfortunately it is not available for drive. There is also some weapon boxes planted near helicopter, which are also not available to use in current version.

Helicopters in PUBG Mobile
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
The second place where you can spot helicopter in PUBG Mobile is severny. This area is not like pochinki, where players have to face lots of enemies attack. So here you can examine the new helicopter without any danger of enemies attack.

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So these are the two places in PUBG Mobile, where players can spot brand new helicopters. Currently players can't drive this helicopters, but they can climb on it and also use as a cover protection from enemies attack. Grandes and gun fire can't able to blast this helicopters, so it is very good spot for protection from enemies.

Helicopter locations in PUBG Mobile
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
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