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Difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is like a smaller version of PUBG Mobile, which use very small space of your device. For downloading PUBG Mobile you need more than 2gb space on your phone, but for PUBG Mobile Lite you need only 500mb space. Recently PUBG introduced its lite version for pc which is also use very low space as compare to high graphic PUBG. After PUBG PC Lite version, they also introduced PUBG Mobile Lite version for those users who are facing difficulties in original PUBG Mobile. If you play PUBG Mobile on 2gb ram supported smartphone, then you might be face many lagging issues on your device. PUBG Mobile Lite is very good option for those users who have less than 3gb ram supported phones.

PUBG Mobile Lite review
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
This Lite version of PUBG Mobile is works good on low budget smartphones. As compare to PUBG Mobile this Lite version has very decent graphics (fixed graphic settings) which you can't able to change, very limited character avatar are available to use, only classic and arcade modes are available to play and in arcade mode users can play only war matches, quick match, mini zone and other playing options are not available in PUBG Mobile Lite. Sensitivity settings are very limited, TDM mode is not available in PUBG Mobile Lite version, but here you can choose your aim assist level if you want. Very limited settings are available to access in PUBG Mobile Lite. But with all those limitations it works very smoothly on low graphic smartphone.

PUBG Mobile Lite Avatars
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Lite is works very great on all types of smartphones without any lagging issues, if you are facing difficulties while playing PUBG Mobile then download PUBG Mobile Lite version. It is same as PUBG Mobile, but this version has very decent graphics, limited settings and limited options for playing. In PUBG Mobile Lite you can only able to play classic Erangel matches (Not sanhok, vikendi and Miramar) and only war matches in arcade mode. Here you can't able to play other arcade matches, zombie mode and TDM mode.

PUBG Mobile Lite classic mode
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Lite version is free to download on Google play. It also has a store like original PUBG Mobile where users can get new outfits and random gift boxes, but the users have to paid for some items. Everything is same form landing on the island, choosing weapons and shooting enemies so anyone who has played the original PUBG Mobile that will be familiar with the rules and controls. Here you can chat with your teamates, choose different colour for crosshair and controls the map according to your way. The best control option for sniping enemies, peek and fire is also available in this game too.

PUBG Mobile Lite war mode
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The maps in PUBG Mobile Lite are very smaller as compare to original PUBG Mobile and the participants has been limited to 60 instead of 100. One can play as a solo or as a team by pairing with others. PUBG Mobile Lite users can only play with others PUBG Mobile Lite users, they can't able to play with original PUBG Mobile players. In simple words, PUBG Mobile Lite users can not play with PUBG Mobile users.

PUBG Mobile Lite Gameplay

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