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Process of getting china visa for indians

China is the most populated country in the world and one of the largest country by total area, which covering total 9,600,000 square kilometers area. China has many amazing destinations for tourists and the cultural of China is also attracting lots of peoples to visit here. In this post i will tell you about, how to apply for China visa for Indians? Many countries in the world have some rules and regulations to enter in it, some countries don't require visa, some countries provide visa on arrival facility and some countries don't allow without having visa and passport. So let's know the process of getting china visa for indians.

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Indian passport holders are required to apply for China Visa in order to enter China. Whatever it is for tourism, business, employment or any other purpose to visit in China, visa is compulsory required. Every applicants need to fulfil the basic requirements to qualify for the China visa. The applicant have to submit the complete filled application form along with other necessary documents. The most important details you need to write in your visa application form are duration of stay, entry scheme, nationality and some other factors. The applicants need to pay the required visa application fees for processing the application. Applicants are provided an option to speed up the processing time of your application by paying some additional fee.

Types of China Visa

China tourist visa
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Tourist visa
If you are traveling in China for tourism purpose, then you have to apply for tourist visa. The tourist visa allows the Indian citizen to visit China for tourism under the single-entry scheme which provides a maximum period of 30-days to stay in China. Anyone can also travel on tourist visa for visiting their friends and family in China.

Tourist visa process

  • Every applicant need to fill the visa application form without any mistakes and submit it along with a passport size photograph, 
  • Applicant's Passport needs be valid for six months from the traveling date and also have at least 2 blank pages on your passport for visa stamp, 
  • Applicant have to provide the financial Proof to support the travel plan like your bank passbook, 
  • Confirmed flight tickets, 
  • Details of your staying location in traveling period,
  • Proof of relationship (if you are entering in China to visit family)

China business visa
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Business visa
The business visa applicant must have original visa invitation letter to enter in China.

Business visa application process

  • Invitation letter from the recognised authorities or companies in China,
  • Passport with other valid document for traveling,
  • Proof of financial status,
  • Cover letter from the applicant's office or company,
  • Confirmed air tickets,
  • Details of your staying.

China employment visa
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Employment visa
For employment visa the applicant need to provide all the original documents along with their photocopy. To qualify for a visa under employment category, the applicants must need Employment License or the Foreign Specialist's License issued by the China Government.

Employment visa application process

  • Passport with other valid travel document,
  • Invitation letter from one of the most recognised authorities or companies in China,
  • Cover letter,
  • Medical examination report provided by one of the authorized hospitals,

China student visa
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Student visa or education visa
Student visa is for those students who wish to visit China for completing their studies. Student applicants are also required to complete the visa application form and provide all the necessary original documents with their photocopies.

Student visa application process

  • Admission letter issued by a recognised University,
  • Cover letter from the previous school/college/institute/University. Students can also provide cover letter by themselves,
  • Medical examination report done by one of the authorized hospitals.

China transit visa
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Transit visa
If the traveller is travelling through country to country like China to another country, then it's necessary to obtain the transit visa.

Transit visa application process

  • Valid passport with other necessary documents,
  • Copy of visa of the next destination country,
  • Confirmed air tickets, 
  • Cover letter. 

China visa photo size
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China visa photo requirements
For China visa you have to submit your recent color photo with white background. Photo size : 48mmx33mm, width : 15mm to 22mm, height : 28mm to 33mm. While taking photo for visa don't wear hat or dark colored clothes.

China also provides visa for conferences, artists performance and sports meetings under ‘F’ visa category. Applicants can also get China Visa under the category of journalists or flight crew members.

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