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How to get refund on IRCTC if your transaction get failed and money debited from bank?

Hello everyone, while booking tickets on IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) website sometimes you got the message of transaction failed and your money gets debited from your bank account. What you do that time? This happens because IRCTC giving you a limited time limit to book your ticket, for e.g if you book your ticket after that time limit then you can got the "transaction failure" message on your screen. For this, first you need to check the train availability or seat availability status before login to your IRCTC account. Without creating account on IRCTC website you can't able to book any tickets only able to see the trains and their availability status. So after logging in to IRCTC try to book your ticket before the ending of time limit, which is about 5 minute. If you book your ticket after 5 minute then you can got "Transaction Failed" message and when you check your bank account balance you see that your money is debited.

IRCTC transaction issues
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"Money is debited but ticket not booked on IRCTC website" many people asked this question to me on Quora. Yes, it is very frustrating for everyone when money is debited from their bank account without getting anything. Many IRCTC users also asked me that, how to get refund on IRCTC if my ticket didn't booked but money got debited from the bank? Failed transaction is a very common issue on IRCTC you don't need to worry about it. Just check out the failed transaction history after logging in IRCTC, if you see your failed transaction details there, then you can get your refund in next 7 days (in some situations it can take up to three months to refund your money). For more information about refund policy check IRCTC refund rules.

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I also faced this issue on IRCTC website, this happened with me more than three to four times while booking tickets. When I got the "Transaction Failed" message on IRCTC, first I checked my transaction is listed under failed transaction history, because you only get refund if your failed transaction is listed under "failed transaction history" section of IRCTC. Mostly this happens while booking Tatkal tickets on IRCTC.

Irctc failed ticket transaction history
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But, in case if you not get your refund after seven days then you should be very serious for this. Call the customer service executive or write the refund request to Don't forget to mention your Transaction ID in your mail. This also happens while Passenger choose any particular berth at the time of booking tickets and if your choice of Berth are not available then you can got "Transaction Failed" message in the end.

What is TDR in IRCTC? 
TDR means Ticket Deposit Receipt. If you have i-ticket (counter ticket) then TDR will be issued by the Railway Authority, for E-ticket (online ticket) the customer has to file their claim online through IRCTC website.

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I hope this article help you to solve your IRCTC refund issues, thank you very much for giving your precious time to reading my blog post. Also check out my other blog posts and don't forget to visit again.

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