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How to apply for Dubai (UAE) visa? | Types of Dubai Visas

Dubai is the most largest and populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which known for its luxurious shopping centers, modern architecture and a amazing nightlife scene. The most tallest tower in Dubai 'Burj Khalifa' offers stunning views of the city. Dubai Fountain is also a very beautiful location with jets and lights choreographed music. Atlantic is one of the artificial islands in Dubai which made over the sea and The Palm resort has amazing marine-animal parks to explore the marine life.
Dubai Visa process
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Dubai is located on the southeast side of Persian Gulf, It is one of the fastest developing cities in UAE and lots of people from different nations around the world lives here for work. Dubai has created it's own image in the world due to its booming economy, ultramodern lifestyle and quality of life. Here, I provide some useful information about the Dubai Visa process. How to get dubai visa?

Different Types of Dubai Visa

48-hour visa
96-hour visa
14 days Single entry visa
30 days Single entry visa
90 days visit visa
Multi entry visa
Multi entry long-term visa

48-hour visa

48 hour visa is valid for only 48 hours period. It is suitable for those people who are travelling to UAE for staying less than two days in the country. This visa comes with a 30 days validity period from the date of issue.

96-hour visa

Like 48-hour visa, this visa is ideal for those people who are going to visit the country for a period of 4 days (96 hours or less). The visa is very useful for travellers who want to visit UAE for business meetings or for short dubai tour. The visa is valid for the 30 days from the date of issue.

Single Entry (short-term visa)

The single entry visa is Valid for a period of two weeks (14 days). This short term single entry visa is a non-extendable one. Everyone can apply for this type of visa if the country is to be visited for a short period for business or holidaying with a dear ones.

30 days Single entry short-term visa

The 30 days single entry visa is valid for 58 days period from the issue date. With this type of visa, an individual can stay in UAE for the period of 30 days.

90 Days Visit visa

If the individual want to stay in the country for a longer period of time as compared to other types of visa. Then this visa comes with a 90 days validity period and it is preferred for those people who visiting UAE for a long vacation.

Multi-Entry Long Term Visa (90 days)

This visa is valid for a period of 90 days and It can be used to stay in UAE for a longer period. This type of visa holders can stay in the country for multiple times and stay there for a 90 days period from the first entry.

Multi-Entry Short-Term Visa (30 days)

This visa is non-extendable and used to enter in the country for multiple times within the validity period. Multi entry short term visa comes with a 58 days validity period from the issue date and it can be used to stay in UAE for 30 days from the first entry. Remember that, the multi-entry visa cannot be cancelled once utilized.

UAE Visa requirements, Process of Dubai Visa
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How to Apply for Dubai Visa?

Many people thinks that Dubai is a country, but Dubai is a city in UAE. UAE is a country and to enter in Dubai individual needs to apply for UAE visa. All applicants are required to visit nearest visa application centre to submit the visa application form along with the original documents. The visa processing fees also need to be paid at the centre. Once the procedure is fulfilled, the application is processed by the authorities. For immediate visa, the applicants needs to pay some extra amount for the fast processing. For more information visit Dubai Visa

Eligibility for Dubai Visa

For getting any of visas offered by the UAE authorities, the applicant needs to fulfil any one of the below eligibility criteria:

Travel records: If the applicants is travelled once to any countries like USA, UK, Schengen countries, European nations, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland or Japan in the last 5 years or have a valid visa for the countries or evidence of travel records of the last 5 years, that applicant can apply for UAE visa.

Financial records: If the applicants are not qualified under the travel records criteria, then they are required to submit Form 16 for the last two years or Income Tax return for the same period with the gross income from all sources like business, profession or employment. Applicants can also submit a proof of investments up to Rs.5 lakh amount or their bank account statement to be eligible for UAE visa.

Invitation letter from family member based in UAE on family status: Under this criteria, the children below 21 years or parents above 60 years can be invited to visit their families.

Newly married couple: If the spouse name is not mentioned on passport, then the marriage certificate, notarized affidavit on Rs.100 stamp paper, No Objection Certificate (NOC) from parents with photo ID, wedding card and marriage photograph of the couple needs to be submitted to the authorities.

Dubai Visa Photo Requirements

At the time of applying for a UAE visa must remember that their photograph meets certain established guidelines, which listed below:

Submit the recent photos which is not more than 6 months old.

Submit colour photos, Black and white photos are not accepted.

The photograph need to be clicked with a light background. The dark backgrounds images will be rejected.

Submit only standard size photo (45mm by 35mm).

Applicant have to submit clear photos without any shadows.

It is recommended to remove the glasses while taking picture. The eyes needs to be clearly visible in the image.

Don't wear any hat in the picture. Hat is only permitted for religious reasons.

The edited and pixelated photos are not accepted.

Don't click photos with different angles, only front facing photos are accepted for visa.

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