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Can humans survive in lowest temperature of Antarctica?

Antarctica is the most cold weather place on the earth and it is very difficult to survive there. Can humans live in Antarctica? The temperature of Antarctica is very low and humans can't survive it, but about 1,000 to 5,000 people live there in summer season for temporary period of three months at the science stations in Antarctica. Even during summer months the temperature of Antarctica can drop up to -50 degrees. Currently there are no any humans live in Antarctica, only plants and animals can survive in that cold temperature. The animals like penguins, seals, nematodes, mites and tardigrades live in Antarctica.

Can Human Survive In hot temperature of Antarctica?
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Antarctica is the only continent on Earth where humans can't live. Some scientists and their staff from 30 countries live on rotation basis. The approximate population of Antarctica in summer is 4,000 and in winter it is 1000.

How to survive in the lowest temperature of Antarctica?
  • Prepare yourself for the cold weather conditions.
  • Stay covered yourself from top to bottom, because cold wind of Antarctica can freeze your skin instantly.
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • The air of Antarctica is very dry that can loses water in your body just by breathing.
  • Eat a fatty foods.
  • Always carry a survival bag with you containing a tent, food, water and stove.
How to survive in cold weather situation?
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Interesting facts about Antarctica

Antarctica is a uninhabited continent on the earth which fully covered with ice throughout the year. Most cruises going through the Antarctic Peninsula, which stretches toward the South America. It is known as the Lemaire Channel and Paradise Harbor, striking and Port Lockroy, which is a former British research station now turned into museum.
  • Antarctica is the most windiest continent on earth. In some parts of the continent wind can reach up to 200 mph (320 km/h).
  • Antarctica is also the most driest place on Earth, with almost no snow or ice cover.
  • The 99 percent land of Antarctica is covered with ice.
  • Antarctica is a land of about 70 percent fresh water on the planet and 90 percent of the freshwater ice.
  • The total area of Antarctica is bigger than United States.
  • Antarctica is also a home of Mount Erebus, the active volcano on the planet and home of lava lakes.
  • Antarctica was discovered by an accident, The Antarctica was completely unknown to the world until it was first spotted in 1820.

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