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Best things to do in Manila, Philippines

Manila is a capital city of Philippines and  densely populated city located on the Luzon island, here you can experience the mixture of  Spanish colonial architecture with modern skyscrapers. The walled city in colonial times, Intramuros is a heart of Old Manila. It is a home of the 16th-century San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago. This city is a combination of 12 cities and 5 municipalities, which making it metro city of Philippines. Manila is one of the most populated cities in the world and you can feel it when you drive through Manila’s rush hour traffic. Philippines is a developing country and many Filipino people head towards the Manila for finding a job. That's why the city has become a densely populated. Let's know about some best places to visit in Manila.

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"Intramuros, Manila, Philippines" (CC BY 2.0) by Ray in Manila
1. Visit to Intramuros
Intramuros is a home of Spanish landmarks like Fort Santiago and Jose Rizal. The Manila Cathedral houses, the San Agustin Church museum, Manila museum and beautiful cobblestone streets of kalesa are some of the best places to visit here. Intramuros is the most oldest part of the city and from 16th century to 1898 this city was the capital of Spanish people. Now here you can see the spanish churches, courtyard palaces and spanish-era buildings in beautiful colonial architecture. A few other attractions to see in Intramuros are the Plaza de Roma, the Ayuntamiento building and the Puerta de Isabel II gate, with a Queen's statue.

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"Street cars entering the Manila chinatow" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel
2. Binondo and Quiapo (Manila china town)
In case, if you are hungry and want to experience some authentic food and shopping in Manila, then head towards the Binondo and Quiapo, the world’s oldest China town. This area was turned into a commercial center by Americans in the 30's period during Commonwealth times. Here you can see many luxury shopping centers and beautiful art deco warehouses, this area is best for shopping if you are in Manila and you can get everything thing you want in a very cheap rate.

Manila Bay
Image credit - Pixabay
3. Visit Manila Bay
Manila Bay is a great and most famous place to explore in Manila, it is a very best location for sunset. When the sun starts to going down, make sure to look at the beautiful view of Manila Bay. Here you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while drinking a cocktails at a nearest al fresco bar or restaurant. I recommend you to visit Sofitel Manila’s Sunset Bar, where you can get best cuisine of Philippines. The Bayleaf Hotel’s Sky Deck View Bar is another great place to enjoy Philipines cuisine. Within Intramuros area you can get many rooftop restaurant, which offers a great view of Manila city.

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4. Manila ocean park
Manila ocean park is a first world class marine park is Philippines, this place is best for exploring a marine life and school trips. Manila ocean park is not just a place to stare at sea creatures behind glass, this amusement park also has lots of exciting things to do for both children and adults. Some of the most interesting attractions in Manila ocean park include feeding penguins, learn to swim using a mermaid tail end fish spa. During the fish spa treatment, small fish clean your feet’s dead skin. Here you can even enjoy a complete marine experience by staying at Hotel H2O, the marine-themed hotel of Manila ocean park!

Manila nightlife
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5. Experience Manila’s buzzing nightlife
Manila is also a very famous place for its nightlife, If you are curious about Manila’s nightlife, then visit Bonifacio Global City, Chaos, Exklusiv and Valkyrie. There are lots of nightclubs in Manila than any other city in the country, anyone can enjoy a night party in this vibrant city and experience nightlife unlike any other country in Asia. You can easily find the perfect spot for yourself in this city to enjoy the nightlife. If you are looking for a tropical-themed bars with fruity cocktails, then the Coconut Club is a perfect place for you.

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