Thursday, 6 June 2019

PUBG MOBILE Update 0.13.0 : New TEAM DEATH MATCH (TDM) MODE and Godzilla Event Mode

PUBG Mobile is going to introduce some newest features in their most awaited upcoming 0.13.0 update, and they added a few new things to attract the attention of more users. The most attractive upcoming feature of PUBG Mobile is the new Team Deathmatch Mode, just like Multiplayer mode of COD (Call Of Duty) game, which will be available for users to play in both FPP and TPP mode, and FPP is also getting its own new controls. Plus now MVPs ratio will be displayed as well. In the Vikendi map of PUBG Mobile now you will see footprints of the enemies. Current zombies in Pubg Mobile like Tyrant, Licker and Cops are removed in upcoming update and new zombies will be introduced their. Now Tencent Games has done partnership with the upcoming Godzilla: King of Monsters film, and inserted some new Godzilla related event in their update.

Today we know about the new deathmatch mode of PUBG Mobile, what is Team Death Match Mode of PUBG Mobile? It is just similar to the Multiplayer mode of COD game. With this additional feature they tried to offer something different than just Battle Royale for users. This new Team Death Match mode is called as TDM in PUBG Mobile, which will be available for users in upcoming updated version 0.13.0, besides the Godzilla: King of the Monsters event. If you want to experience this mode now then it is available on its Beta version.

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How to play Team Death Match (TDM) mode in PUBG Mobile? 

The rules of TDM are very similar to other team deathmatch games like Unreal Tournament and COD Multiplayer mode. In this new mode of PUBG Mobile, the players are separated between two teams of four players and the main objective of both teams is to score 40+ points. You can get points for Killing the opposing team and the first team whose get 40 points is declared as a winner of Team Death Match. There is no ‘permanent-death’ in this Match. If you are killed in the game, you respawn back at your team’s spawn point. This  thing makes this mode very different from War mode.

Currently there is only one map available for the Team Death Match, which named as ‘TDM: Warehouse’. The map features a city area, like building, concrete blocks, big shipping containers and lots more. Like others deathmatch games, players will be rewarded for completing certain things such as getting kill streaks, headshots and many more. However, unlike Call of Duty game, where you won’t be able to use streaks to call upon certain killstreak rewards like a missile attack or UAV Drone.

Image credit - PUBG Mobile
This Is something new from PUBG Mobile developers to their users, where they can get something different than battle royale. Godzilla : The king of monsters and Team Death Match mode are most awaited features of PUBG Mobile, which are available very soon for players.

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