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PUBG Mobile : This tips can make you a best pro Pubg mobile player!

In your friend circle you or your friend might be the best PUBG Mobile player, here are some tips that can definitely helps you to improve your gameplay more better. PUBG Mobile is the most exciting and addictive game nowadays and it is still one of the top mobile games, especially in Asian countries. I am not a very expert player of PUBG Mobile, I am a average player and played this game long enough to improve my basics shooting skills. Today I am going to tell you about some really useful and easy PUBG Mobile tips that can definitely help you to improve your gameplay and you can shoot down enemies faster than ever before. Many expert PUBG Mobile game players use these tricks to make their gameplay more better, but for the new players who are playing this game for the first time, here are some tips to improve your skills.

How to become a pro pubg player
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Perfect Headshot
Try to aim on the head when you are going to kill down your enemy. This will not only knock out the enemies very faster but also helps you to improve your overall rating points in the game. Aiming to the head gives you the best results, especially when you are using a bolt action single-shot gun like Kar98K, M24 or the monster gun AWM.

After landing on the map pick up those ammos you usually play with even if you don’t have the gun, you will probably get it later. Also, set the limit in settings for how many ammo can be auto-picked for a particular weapon, this will helps you to keep your inventory bag clutter free. When you are going to pick up any ammo from the ground, to get some extra round, just quickly pick up the gun and change it to your original gun. By doing this, you are essentially taking out the preloaded bullets on the spawned gun.

Recoil Faster
Recoil timing is the most annoying thing in PUBG Mobile and many players loose their match because of recoil, but this recoil also makes PUBG game more realistic. Controlling gun recoil is very difficult, because every gun has different recoil speed. But if you try to understand how each gun behaves, you will be able to shoot more bullets into your enemies. You can control recoil using various gun attachments like grips, flash hider, compensator and suppressor.

Don’t forget the attachments
This Is the most important tip of PUBG Mobile, every weapons has their attachment in pubg mobile game. You might have seen various gun attachments while playing in training mode. There are a total five categories of attachment including Sight, Muzzle, Magazine, Foregrip and Stock, it is depend on which gun you are using. Most of the players picking up scopes and muzzle attachments, they don't try other attachment while playing the game. But you have to also pickup the rest of attachments as they are equally important for overall performance of your gun. For example, the Extended Mag can increases your clip count while a Quickdraw Extended Mag also allows you to reload your gun faster than before.

Hip Fire
The scopes are definitely maximize the power of your gun to shoot down enemies from a long distance, but I recommend you to use of hip firing in close range combat. I personally found it very helpful in a lot of close combat situations and make sure don't stop firing in close combat situations, you have to continuously firing towards your enemies until they knock down. In 1 vs 4 situation mostly don't try to kill the enemies, try to knock out them.

In the end, it is totally depends on your skill and gameplay. First decide which gun is best to you and it depends upon how quick you locate the enemy and shooting them down. The best technique to become a expert is more practice and observation.

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