Friday, 21 June 2019

Meet the 10 year old street performer "Karolina Protsenko", which famously know as a "violin girl"

At the age of 10 year what were you doing? In that age all kids like to play with their friends and going on a vacation with their families. When I was 10 year old I don't even know how to wear underpants. But some kids are very special, they try to fulfill their dreams at a very young age. Today we know about a very talented girl and her passion for music. This little girl now become a famous "violin girl" in the world.

Image credit - Youtube
Karolina Protsenko is a 10 year old girl who plays violin on the streets. She has been playing violin from the age of six years old and when you see her violin performance, you can understand that why this little girl is became a inspiration for the whole world. She plays violin from the depths of heart and you definitely feel it when you see her performance. When she plays violin on the street all people don't go without listening her performance till the end, because that music feels you relaxed. She perfectly play any song on her violin without doing a single mistake and this thing makes her one of best violin player in the world. You can find many talented people in the world, who shows their talent to the world by the street performance, but this girl is very special in all of them.

Violin is one of the very hard music instrument to play for every musician, but if you have passion about it, then any thing can't stop you from achieving your dream. For many people in the world this little girl is became a inspiration. Her every violin performance is a very heart touching and you can't stop yourself from watching it till the end.

On 28 July 2018, a video of Karolina Protsenko playing “Despacito” song on the street was posted on YouTube and in some days this video gots millions of views from all over the world. That time she was not playing violin for any concert she just playing for the people around her. After that video getting viral, she started her own youtube channel and share her every performance on it. So don't forget to watch her first performance video on YouTube and share this post with others. We will meet again with a new interesting post, but till then thanks for reading this post... Check out my other blog posts also.

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