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How To Use OTG cable smartly to charge any smartphone | DIY homemade smartphone charger

Yes, you can use your mobile phone as a portable powerbank to charge your other phone. For doing this you only need a OTG cable, using this cable you can charge your another smartphone easily. This situation comes in everyone's life, mostly when we are outside of the house and we realize that our mobile battery is almost finished, and we don't get any charging point to charge it again. This trick is also helpful to you when you have to make a urgent call and you see your phone is switched off due to lack of charging. So, how we can use the OTG cable to charge our phone, Follow this process.

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1. The first and most important thing you have to do this is OTG cable, without OTG cable you can't able to charge your smartphone. But, what is OTG cable and what is the use of OTG? Many mobile users know about the OTG cable, mostly those people who share their mobile content with other devices like PC or Laptop. OTG cable is used to transfer your mobile data to other devices more faster.

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OTG cable is just like USB cable, it is known as USB On-The-Go(OTG). OTG was first used in late 2001 that allows to connect USB devices with our tablets or smartphones, to act as a host. Using OTG cable you can connect your digital cameras or Dslr Cameras, mouse or keyboards to you smartphone. This is a great device which allow to connect more devices with your smartphone.

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2. Now the second thing you have is a USB data cable, this cable is mostly comes with every smartphone which you are used to charge your phone.

3. Now you have both important accessories OTG cable and USB data cable, connect your USB data cable with OTG.

4. After connecting USB data cable to OTG, simply connect OTG cable end point to your main smartphone which is fully charged (it's not necessary to have fully charged smartphone you can also use medium charged smartphone) and connect the USB cable end point to your dead phone which battery is low or finished.

This is a best DIY homemade smartphone charger, which convert your smartphone into a portable powerbank to charge any smartphone. If you are going on a outdoor tour with your friends or family, then this is a best way to charge your dead smartphone by using your friend smartphone as a Powerbank.

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