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How To Take DSLR Like Photos on mobile phone? | Mobile Photography

Hello guys, today's topic is mobile photography, many smartphone users have this question, how to take DSLR like photos using smartphone? Yes it is absolutely possible to take dslr like photos on mobile. But, for this you need best camera smartphone like, Apple, One plus, Google pixel and others. If you have a good camera you can take much better photos with it, in some mobile 8 MP camera can take better photos than 12 MP camera like, iPhone. So it's depend on which phone you are using for smartphone photography.

Click DSLR like photos on mobile phone
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1. Clean your camera lens
The first thing you need to do is keep your  mobile camera lenses clean to take a crystal clear photos. If your smartphone camera lens is dusty then it affects on the picture quality of your photo.

Iphone photography tips
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2. Use Autofocus
Nowadays, every mobile phone comes with this feature, autofocus can automatically focus on your object and gives you a amazing pictures from your smartphone. Anyone can also use this feature manually to focus on object as like you want. While taking photos this feature focus on only particular object and make its background blur. It gives you a very stunning photos from your smartphone.

3. Use camera filters
This Is another very good feature provided in smartphone camera, use different types of filters while taking photos like black and white, vivid, film are some of the most used camera filters on mobile. It add some amazing effects to your photos.

4. Use HDR mode
HDR mode is the best mode in smartphone, which gives you a very amazing pictures quality photos on smartphone. You can easily know the difference between HDR photos and normal photos. For this, first take a photo on normal mode with your phone and then take same photo using HDR mode, to know the difference between picture quality. It offers high definition photos on smartphone.

5. Use Portrait mode
If you want to take a stunning dslr like photos with your phone then use only portrait mode. Portrait mode gives you a amazing blurred background effect like dslr camera.

6. Manual mode
If you have a good knowledge about exposure and iso settings, then you can use manual mode to take photos as per your needs. Auto mode automatically decided exposure and iso settings as per light comes on the lens, but if you want to set your own then use this mode. Most of expert photographers use manual mode to click photo as per they need. Using manual mode you can able to increase or decrease exposure and iso ratio to take incredible photos with your smartphone.

Underwater mobile photography tricks
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7. Underwater mobile photography
Every mobile is not waterproof and some people think that water resistant means waterproof, but it's totally different. Waterproof mobile can work under some feet of water and if you have waterproof smartphone then you can easily click under water photos with it. But water resistant smartphone not designed for under water shooting. They are designed to secure only your phone screen from rain water or sprayed water. For underwater photography use glass bottles or waterproof plastic bag. Using this trick you can get amazing and unique photos, which looks awesome.

This are some tricks that can help you to take DSLR like photos from your mobile phone, but the pictures quality is depend on your smartphone camera. If you use these tricks while taking photos on your smartphone, it gives you a amazing results and make you a pro smartphone photographer. Share this post with others and also check out my other blog posts. Keep visiting...

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