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How to post more than 30 second video on whatsapp status?

WhatsApp has introduced a new video status feature which allows you to post videos into your status which will automatically disappear after 24 hours. WhatsApp offered something new for its users to share some memorable videos with your WhatsApp friends. I personally love this feature, It allows me to share some interesting videos with my WhatsApp family. WhatsApp now provide this Snapchat like feature, in which you can share videos, images, text and GIF's, with your WhatsApp contact.

But, here is a limit to post only 30 seconds videos. It means you can not post videos longer than 30 seconds on your WhatsApp status. This 30-second limit of WhatsApp don't allows me to share longer duration videos in my status. So, how can we post more than 30 seconds video in WhatsApp status? Here I have a simple tricks to fix this problem.

How to cross the 30 second video status limit of WhatsApp?
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The first trick is you can split your video in a number of 30 seconds parts. In this post I will tell you about, how you can trim and post more than 30 seconds video into your WhatsApp status.

How to post long duration videos on WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp is comes with built-in video trimmer, where you can trim your video before upload, so there is no need to download any third-party application on your phone. Using this WhatsApp feature you can trim your video into the number of parts manually and post it on your status one-after-one. Here's a step-by-step guide to do this.

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1. Open your WhatsApp application and go to the Status tab.
2. Click "My Status" and choose the video which you want to add in your status.
3. Now drag the video frame at the top and select the first 30 seconds part of your video.
4. Now, tap on the send button to post the status.
5. Now to trim the next 30 second part of the video, go back to the My Status tab, select that video again, and adjust the frame to select the next 30 seconds part of the video.

Using this way, you can trim your video into a number of 30 second parts and easily break the WhatsApp duration limit.

2. The Second trick is to convert your video into a GIF image

Creating a multiple smaller videos is very time consuming, but you can easily solve this problem with this second trick. If you don't like the first trick then this method is very easy for you with the third party app.

WhatsApp support GIF images, so you can create a GIF images of your video and add them into your status. To do this, you can use any free GIF making utility app available on playstore. Here, I have used GIFShop GIF Maker app for this.

NOTE : GIF images don't have any time-limit on WhatsApp However, because of they are images, they do not have any sound.

How to convert any video into GIF Images
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1. Download the GIFShop GIF Maker app from the Google Play Store and install in your phone. Once done, open it.

2. The pop up screen or the home screen will show you some options. Among them, you have to choose the Videos -> GIF option. Then app will take you to your video gallery. Here, you need to choose the video which you want to post on your WhatsApp Status.

3. The app will start to process your video and convert it into a GIF image. If you still want to do some changes, then feel free to do.

Now press CONFIRM button and the app will make a single GIF file from your main video. Now, post this video as your WhatsApp status.

Why WhatsApp gives only 30 second video limit for video status update?

Before doing this you should understand that, why 30-second limit has been put into a WhatsApp status? Most users likes to watch short videos on WhatsApp and the shorter video status, makes the people more happier in a very short period of time after seeing it. So, remember this and then make longer duration WhatsApp status videos.

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