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How to get Instagram verified badge on your Instagram profile page?

There are many popular social networking sites available on Internet nowadays and Instagram is one of them. Instagram is a photo sharing site where you can share your everyday experience on it. The main motive of every social networking site user is getting more followers for their profile or page in less time. Recently there has been increasing a fake accounts on Instagram, some user making fake profile of popular celebrities to gain followers.

How to get verified on Instagram?
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This helps people for being a ‘social media influencer’ or making a brand page. If you have high number of followers then just show your talent to the people they definitely started to follow you after first impression of your profile. But, it's true that having a large number of followers helps you to get your profile verified quickly on Instagram. The blue tick feature of Instagram shows that the profile or page is legit and it officially verified by Instagram. This blue tick helps followers to know that page is not fake. This blue ticks is not available for everyone on Instagram, but Instagram gives you a option to apply for it. Previously Instagram did not provided this verification request option in our account, due to this, lot of brands, popular personalities and companies are unverified.

This popular photo sharing application check your accounts for verification on a number of levels. Authenticity of your page, how unique it is, the account must be available for public with a proper bio section and a compulsory profile picture with at least one post. On its website Instagram clearly mentioned that, it reviews accounts of the most popular brands or public figure based on their original content and not for paid or promotional posts.

How to get Instagram verified badge on your profile?

One solution to get your Instagram account verified fast is to buy the blue tick from the online black market or some third party websites. However, this method is not legitimate. To fix this problem of the users, now Instagram has provided this feature for request verification to all of its users. Here’s how to get your Instagram account verified?

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1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the hamburger menu on the top right and select Settings at the bottom.

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2. Now select the Account option from the Instagram Settings menu, which will take you to the next window where you can apply for the verification of your account to get blue tick.
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3. Tap on Request Verification and you will be asked for your personal details that will help Instagram to investigate the prospect of the account for getting verified.

How to get your Instagram account verified?
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4. Fill all the necessary details like your full name, name of brand or company and your name to be used on Instagram.

Choose the category for your account and upload required document for verifying your identity such as Aadhaar Card, driver’s license or passport (make sure that your name and birth date is clearly displayed on it). After filling all the necessary details hit the send button.

Don't loose your hopes to get a blue tick on your Instagram profile keep trying to make your profile stronger with everyday post. Because, the verification process does not guarantee that your profile will get the verified badge in a first try.

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