Saturday, 15 June 2019

How to fix "download paused because wifi is disable" issue of PUBG Mobile?

Hello everyone, PUBG Mobile is the most played game in the world right now and this game achieves hundred million plus downloads on playstore. But, this game also has many bugs and it is very common that every high quality game have some bugs in it. One of the the most common bug of PUBG Mobile is "download paused because wifi is disabled". Many PUBG Mobile users face this issue while downloading the updates. Don't worry I have some solution for this issue, because I also faced this problem while downloading updates.

Download paused because wifi is disabled fix
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
I downloaded the obb data file for 0.13.0 update and start the application, but when pubg mobile open it says in a small white text "would you like to enable download over cellular connection? Depending on your data plan this may cost you money." and under of it also says "download paused because wifi is disabled" but I do not see any button there to click continue for proceeding  it on my cellular data, because I use unlimited data plan and I dont have access to wifi.

So, I researched on Internet about how to fix "download paused because wifi is disabled" issue of PUBG Mobile? After surfing some sites and watching videos on YouTube I got this solutions, which I also used to fix my issue. Let's know how to fix this.

Location of PUBG Mobile data file in File manager
1. The first thing you need to do is search the data file of PUBG Mobile in your mobile. For this go to File manager > Android > obb > com.tecent.ig and copy this data file in your pendrive using otg cable or if you don't have otg then send this file on your other mobile or you can also copy at another folder of your mobile.

2. Now you have to delete the main data file of PUBG Mobile from File manager > Android > obb > com tecent.ig. Make sure you take a copy of this file, because after doing this you can lost your data file and you need to download it again.

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3. After that, paste that copied file of PUBG Mobile in File manager > Android > obb > com tecent.ig and start the game. If you are still facing the issue then do one more thing.

4. Download the apk file of PUBG Mobile again and install it on your phone, you don't need to Uninstall previous apk file. Just download new apk file (not data file only apk file) and install it on your smartphone and start the game.

Download pubg mobile apk

Download pubg mobile obb cum data file

This Is some solution for fixing the "download paused because wifi is disabled" issue of PUBG Mobile. I hope this will works for you and tell me in comment section if this works for you or not.