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Can Siberian husky dogs survive in hot temperature countries like India?

Most of dog lovers can easily recognize a Siberian Husky dog when they see one. This dogs are one of those dog breeds who looks like wolf, and their piercing blue eyes makes them more attractive. This dogs are classed as a best working dog breed that originally comes from Siberia, now they became a popular family pet also. Siberian husky dogs are very loving and gentle with their owners, they just need lot of affection and love. But, can they survive in hot temperature countries like, India?

Well, the Siberian Huskies are not suitable for the Indian climate, because of their thick coat they can only live in cold weather conditions. After all, this breed is from Siberian Peninsula region where the temperature can goes up to minus 60 degrees. The hot and humid weather of India can create some health issues in them. They can only survive in cold temperature and that's why, this type of dogs are only seen in some cold weather countries like Canada, Russia and Alaska.

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Siberian dogs are popularly known as husky, which is one of the most famous and attractive breeds of dogs. They are very healthy and high energy dogs and they looks very attractive because of their thick coat. Their wolf-like face and beautiful blue eyes also makes them very attractive but unlike them, they are not very aggressive dog and if you are finding best guard dog then this breed is not suitable for you. If you have a Siberian Husky dog breed in your house, then please share your experiences with them in the comments section.

Many years ago, Siberian Huskies are used to pull heavy weight in the snow for long distances. This dogs are very famous in children as a Santa Claus dog, because Santa use this dogs to pull their snow vehicle. This dogs are immensely popular in Canada and United States, because of their catchy looks.

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Can I own a Siberian husky dog in India?
If you are really want to adopt a husky dog in India, then make sure your house should be fully air-conditioned or make their living place very cold enough to make them comfortable for survive. Huskies are very friendly dogs in nature, If you are looking for a happy and loving family dog then husky is the best choice for you. They are very active and always ready to go on long running. But, this dogs are not recommended for the first time owners because huskies are not pet dogs they require special training to be a pet. Just adopt a baby husky and give proper training to make him best family pet dog.

Huskies can normally live up to 13-14 years but sometimes few genetic problems affect their lifespan. The common problems are Hip Dysplasia and eye issues. Owners always need to be careful for their dogs, routine medical check up is very necessary for this breeds, if you miss any routine check up, the chances of suffering some medical issues is very high for huskies.

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