Wednesday, 29 May 2019

What is Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile and how to activate it?

Today we know about the latest feature of PUBG Mobile which called "Tier Protection" and how to use it while playing PUBG Mobile?

Tier Protection
Image credit - PUBG Mobile
In the latest update of PUBG Mobile they launched a brand new "Tier Protection" feature. Many players want to know what is Tier Protection and how to use Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile game. It is a good feature provided by PUBG mobile to their users, which can helps you to save your tier rankings if you get killed in the game after few minutes of landing. PUBG Mobile launched this new feature for all players not only just for Royale Pass owners. This feature is helpful for those players who want to push their rank in PUBG Mobile.

How to activate Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile?
A PUBG Mobile player can activate their tier protection feature when they starts playing with their his in-game friends. It means that Tier Protection system won't work, if you play random matches. You have to play with your in game friends to activate your Tier Protection feature.

What is the use of Tier Protection features in PUBG Mobile?
Tier protection helps you to protect your rating points when you get killed very soon in the match. This feature is not for permanent period, it is a event feature which is available only for the specific period of time. It means if you play within these period with your in game friends your Tier Protection will be activated automatically and you will lose only few points compared to playing with random players.

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If you have a squad and all of your team member are your in-game friends, then you will lose very less ranking points even if you died first in the match. This limited time feature is very helpful for those players who want to push their ranking points. After landing in the game there are more chances of getting killed very quickly when your team do not work in your favor or you don't get a gun faster than your enemy, in this situation Tier Protection feature is a life-saver.

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