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The most strange things to eat around the world | Food blog

Hello everyone, Whenever you go to visit another country, then you can't forget to taste the favorite food of that country. We all know that different countries have their different cuisines. Some dishes are made from vegetables and some using meat. The taste of food is completely different in all countries in the world. We also known that, every country has its special dish, which also popular worldwide, such as Italy is famous for pasta, Mexico is famous for pizza, China is famous for Chinese soup, Japan is famous for Sushi. But the number of vegetarians in the rest of the world is very limited, more than half of the population on earth are like to eat non-veg items. So, today we know about some strange foods that eaten in the world. Can you eat if anyone gives you Fried brains, puffin hearts and drunken shrimp? But, it is considered delicacies somewhere in the world. Let's know!

Century Eggs

Image credit - Wikimedia
China is quite famous for its different types of food options in all over the world. In China, the meat of Dog is also eaten with great passion. Century egg is one of the most unique dish in China, It is not a 100-year-old egg, but a rotten egg, which is equal to the 100 year old egg itself. The egg is wrapped in rice husks with a mixer of salt, ash and lime and kept for one month. After one month, the inside part of egg is becomes black and the outer part is turned into brown jelly. People's in China eat this dish with big hobbies

Scorpion soup

Image credit - Wikimedia
Scorpion soup is another special type of soup in China, which is cooked with scorpions. The cooking method of scorpions is very difficult and  this soup is made only by experienced people. When the Scorpion is fully cooked, its poison is completely destroyed, after which the soup becomes very tasty. This soup is mostly seen in Beijing, China, so if you want to taste something unique then try this soup.

Coconut Worms, Vietnam

Image credit - Wikimedia
Vietnam cuisine is diverse and unique for international tourists, there are some strange dishes that attract tourists such as Duong Dua (Coconut worms), snake wine and fried insects. But, coconut worm is a very dangerous and strange food eaten in Vietnam. Actually it is the wick that found in coconut trees. The coconut tree is cut off for removing the worms from it, then they are soaked in wine for one to two hours, after which, they cooked with garlic and red chillies and served as a food.

White ant eggs soup, Laos

Image credit - Wikimedia
One of the world’s most strange soup eaten in Laos, it combines a mixture of ant eggs and few little ants to add flavor. If your stomach can ready to handle it, the flavour is quite tasty and delicate. It’s very common to see the White ant eggs in food while you’re in countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The people who tried this dish said that the eggs pop in their mouth and releasing a sour flavor.

Fried Brain Sandwich

Image credit - Wikimedia
From many centuries, these dish is very popular in the central part of United States until cow disease became a big concern. Although people still eat them, but now serving over 30 months old cow’s brain is illegal in the United States.

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