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Safest Destinations for women's to travel alone in India

Everyone likes to travel in beautiful places of the world, but for ladies it is very important to know about the safest places in the world to travel. If men can travel anywhere in the world, then why not women. Today, we know about the most safest places for solo female travelers to visit in India. If you want to spend some peaceful time in your life, then there is NOTHING better option than going on a solo trip. But for female travelers it is very difficult to choose best and safest places to travel. These are few places in India for the female solo travellers that you might want to discover all by yourself!

5. Sikkim

Image credit - Pixabay
Sikkim is surrounded by four snow-covered mountains, which is very beautiful to watch, as well as any girl or woman can travel alone here without any difficulties and this state of India is considered the safest for women to roam around.

Sikkim is the most beautiful part of India, which offers you Switzerland like atmosphere. This breathtakingly beautiful place is located at the north-east side of India. There you will find the most beautiful and tallest mountains of Mt. Kanchenjunga which entirely covered in the sheet of snow. Tsomgo and Gurudongmar Lake are also the beauty of Sikkim. If you are adventure lover then don't forget to taking the most scenic treks of Sikkim. Dzongri La Trek, Goecha La Trek and Green Valley Treks are some of the most famous trekking points in Sikkim. The good hospitality of friendly local people's makes it an ideal tourist destination for a female solo traveller.

4. Kovalam, Kerala

"Kovalam Beach, Kerala" (CC BY 2.0) by mehul.antani
This place is also the safest place for women in India and here you can enjoy your day at the beach with spectacular nature. If you are a beach lover and want to explore some of the best beaches in India, then head towards the Kovalam. Kovalam is located in the Kerala state of India which offers some of the most famous beaches in India. Kovalam is not only know for its beaches, it is also known for its luxurious infinite Arabian Sea overlooking beach resorts. For solo female travelers this place is very safe and they can travel alone anywhere here.

3. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Image credit - Pixabay
Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful state of India, which located in the mountains of Himalayas. The beauty of this place attract everyone to visit here. Shimla is listed as one of the most popular place for holidays in India and it is also known as one of the most beautiful hill station. Shimla is the safest place  for women to travel in India, because the population of Shimla is very less and any solo female traveler can travel here alone.

2. Mysore, Karnataka

Image credit - Pixabay
Mysore is located in the Karnataka state of India, which well known for its city place. It is very safest and most beautiful place for women and men also. Mysore is surrounded by amazing environment and friendly people. So, here women can travel safely in the evening. The city palace of Mysore is most famous landmark in India and many people from all over the world come here to enjoy their holidays.

1. Nainital, Uttarakhand

Image credit - Wikimedia
Nainital is a small resort town in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state in India. This place is also famous as a hill station and Nainital Lake is popular site for boating here. A cable car also runs here which offers beautiful views of snow covered mountains with its observation point (at 2,270m). It is the most safest place for women's to travel in India, because of it is located in the mountains of Himalayas, this place is not less than any heaven on the earth, this is the reason that thousands of tourists come here every year to see its beauty.

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