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List of Best phones for gaming lovers | Gaming Smartphones

Which is your favorite mobile game? Is that fortnite or PUBG, but these types of game have lots of space in your smartphone to run smoothly. Many phones support these types of game, but every phone can't give you a good performance while playing. For this you have best gaming smartphones which can able to run every game smoothly even with 60 fps. Today we know about the best smartphones for gaming lovers. Every game lover want good phone which can play high quality graphic games without any lagging issue. So, here are the best phones for gaming in 2019, including iPhone and Android devices, and with the cheapest price for each one too.

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The best gaming phones comes with powerful internal processors, good quality display, more storage and they also have software boosts system to optimize your handset for better gameplay.

List of Best and powerful Phones for Gaming

1. Honor View 20
This android phone can gives you a good gaming performance. It's total weight is 180g and Screen size is 6.4 Inch. The screen resolution of this phone is 1080 x 2310, CPU processor is Kirin 980. It comes with 6/8GB of RAM with the storage capacity of 128GB/256GB. Battery: 4000 mAH, Rear camera: 48MP and Front camera is 25MP. The cost of honor view 20 is around 850$.

The Honor View 20 has all the things which need for better mobile gaming experience. There's a 6.4" inch large screen which can handles 1080p+ content, it's powerful processor and internal specification make him one of a handful phones that can run Fortnite and PUBG Mobile at 60fps, there is also a lots of internal storage with cheapest cost.

2. Razer Phone 2
This phone is great for HDR gaming experience, it runs on Android os and comes with 5.7 inch large display (resolution is 1440×2560). This phone uses Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor which is best for gaming. RAM: 8GB, Storage: 64gb, Battery performance 4000 mAH, it's Rear camera is 12MP and Front camera: 8MP. The price start from 499$ for Razer Phone 2.

The Razer Phone 2 doesn't have a headphone socket, but it is a very powerful phone which specifically designed for gaming. You can use Bluetooth headset with this phone if you want. This phone can also fully charge from 0% battery in just 2 hours.

3. Apple iPhone XS Max
iOS devices are good for gaming and this phone is best in them. For great gaming experience this phone is a beast. It's total weight is 208g and Screen size is 6.5 inch with 1242 x 2688 resolution. This phone uses Apple A12 Bionic Hexa-core processor and comes with 4GB of RAM. Storage: 64/256/512 GB, Battery: 3,174 mAH, Rear camera: 12MP and Front camera is 7MP. The price of Apple iPhone XS Max starts from 1000$, which is very expensive. But it has amazing features too.

The iPhone XS Max is a premium category phone and it's not worth the money for some people. However, if you're a fan of iOS ecosystem and you love gaming, then there is no any better phone than this right now.

4. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
This phone has large screen which is perfect for gaming, the screen size is 6.2 inch with 1440 x 2560 resolution and it uses Snapdragon 845 processor for better gaming experience. RAM is 6GB, Storage capacity 64GB/128GB, Battery: 3,000 mAH, Rear camera: 12MP dual and Front camera is 8MP.

The colorful games offer amazing color with the AMOLED display and you get great visuals which looks so realistic while playing. The extensive storage, good quality processor and stereo speakers is incredible only needs to be improved by extending its battery life.

Unfortunately, after few hours of playing the heavy games you will be forced to charge it. Despite that, it is one of the best options for gaming currently on the market, if you don't want to go for Apple devices.

5. OnePlus 6T
This phone is currently most popular for gaming, which offers better graphics and HDR quality Gameplay. It runs on Android 9.0 Pie os and Screen size is 6.4-inch with 2340×1080 resolution. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 gives more power to this device, RAM is 6GB/8GB/10GB and Storage 128GB/256GB. It's Battery capacity is 3,700mAh, Rear camera: 16MP + 20MP and  Front camera is 16MP. Currently this mobile is most used to play PUBG in India. Any game you play on this device, it is surely run faster and smoother. This phone provides HDR graphics and Ultra frame rate settings. So, if you are finding best phone with solid battery life and good power for playing games then, the OnePlus 6T is a really a great option to choose.

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