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Best places to visit for animal lovers | The Island of Animals

Earth is not only a planet of humans, but also of animals too. If you are animal lover and want to explore something unique and interesting places of animals, then this article is very special for you. This places are home of many animals and when you visit such places you can't believe it's real! If you are animal lover and like to see lots of animals from close then today I am going to give you information about few places where you can get totally different experience. So let's know about these places.

Jellyfish lake, Palau

Image credit - Pixabay
The first place is jellyfish lake, If you have never seen jellyfish before, then this place is very special for you. Here tourists can enjoy swimming with thousands of jellyfish in this amazing lake of jellyfish which located in Eil Malk Island, Palau. Many years ago there was a ocean, but due to decreasing it's water level, the jellyfish continued to increase here day by day. Here you can see lots of jellyfish, which you never seen before! This is a Island of jellyfish.

Crab Island, Australia

Image credit - Pixabay
If you are afraid of crabs, then do not go by mistake here, because there are millions of crabs living on this Australian island and you can see crabs everywhere at this place. In their breeding season, lots of crabs come out of the water and after watching this huge amount of crabs you can't believe on yourself! During the period of migration, the government closes all the roads here so that these crabs can do their journey safely.

This island is called as Moent Island in the native language and it located on the tip of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia. It is spread on around 280 hectares area.

Fox Village, Japan

Image credit - Pixabay
What happens if lots of Fox comes in front of you? There is a beautiful and amazing Zao Fox Village in Miyagi, Japan where you will find fox everywhere. Here are more than 100 foxes of 6 different breeds, which roam all around the large forest area in this village. The visitors who come here to see them can also play with them. But for this, they have to spend 700 Japanese yen. This amount is used to taken care of this animals. So, are you ready to go there and play with lots of fox!

Rabbit Island, Japan

Image credit - Wikimedia
Rabbit Island is also known as Okonoshima. This is a small part of Hiroshima in Japan. Here are hundreds of rabbits enjoying there life. When the tourists come here to see them, all rabbits try to run behind them to get something for eating. It is not anyone known that when this place was  identified as the name of rabbit Island, but many years ago this place was known for testing of poison.

The rabbit Island can be accessible by ferry from Tadanoumi and Omishima. There are also campsites, walking trails and some historical places to discover on this island.

Cat Island, Japan

Image credit - Wikimedia
I think, the cat is most loved animal in Japan and that's why the total amount of cats is bigger than the population of Japan. There are so many cat island in Japan and Tashirojima is one of them. In Japan cats are believed to be a good luck and are well cared for it. The tourists who come to visit such islands can enjoy their day with lots of cats and also stay in cat-shaped buildings to experience something new.

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