Friday, 12 April 2019

PUBG Mobile Prime vs Prime Plus plan, which one is better to buy?

Recently, PUBG Mobile has introduced two new subscription plans to its users. Prime and Prime Plus plans are introduced by PUBG Mobile for its users, with this monthly subscription plans users can buy royalty pass, different skins for the guns, new clothes and lots more. PUBG Mobile gives a chance to win some extra rewards to their users using this plans. Let’s see what PUBG subscription plans are offers and how do they different from each other

PUBG Mobile prime vs PUBG Mobile prime plus

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PUBG Mobile Prime subscription plan
For getting PUBG Mobile Prime subscription plan users have to pay Rs 85 (INR) for Android users and Rs 79 (INR) for iOS users, respectively. With this plan you can use your Battle Points (BP) coins to purchase paid items. But, it is only valid for a limited period of time which is 7 days or 30 days.  In Prime subscription plan you can also get 5 Unknown Cash (UC) every day for login, which can goes up to 150 UC within the period, if you login to PUBG Mobile everyday. Apart from that, no other benefits are involved in this subscription plan. Now, let’s see what PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription offers to you.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription plan
For purchasing PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription plan users have to pay Rs 400 (INR) for Android users and Rs 419 (INR) for iOS users for the 1st month of subscription and after the first month users have to pay Rs 700 (INR) onwards for renew the subscription plan again. Here you can use your Battle Points (BP) to buy new paid items for 7 day, 30 day or permanent validity. After purchasing this plan you can get 300 UC instantly in your account, also you can get 20 UC for per day login which goes up to 600 Unknown Cash points within the validity period of 30 days.

I suggest you to don't buy Prime subscription plan of PUBG Mobile, it is a totally waste of money. Because, in this plan you can get new items by spending your batte point, but it is only for limited period of time and you can't get any permanent items in this plan. If you want to purchase PUBG Mobile subscription plan then go for Prime Plus, in which you can get 10 RP points per day and daily discounts on many items.

What PUBG Mobile prime plus plan offers?
One day Advance Room card
One Premium Crate coupon
One Classic Crate coupon
One Name change card
Discount on First Classic Crate every day

If you purchase PUBG Mobile prime plus plan, then you can get 12 times more benefits than Prime subscription. But, remember that, if you buy subscription of any plan between prime and prime plus you can make them payment only using your debit or credit cards. Users can't pay the purchase amount using net banking facility, So you have to submit your cards detail at the time of payment, which will automatically saved for the future purchase and it will automatically deduct the subscription amount in every month from your bank account. So, don't forget to cancel your subscription before the renewal to avoid any deduction.

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