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Is Vietnam safe for tourists? Do's and Don't in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, which known for its amazing beaches, rivers, Buddhist temples and glowing cities. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and home to the most iconic marble mausoleum of Communist era leader in Ho Chi Minh, which formerly known as Saigon and it is one of the French colonial landmarks in Vietnam. Hanoi is also a home of War history museums and Cu Chi tunnels, which was used by the Vietnamese soldiers in the world War.

Vietnam is historically and culturally very rich nation and there are a few things that every person need to know before the packing your bags for head to Vietnam.

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Is Vietnam safe to travel?
Yes! Vietnam is a friendly nation and safe for travelers. But, do not trust on anyone directly and be aware from scammers, because, there are the chances of scamming is very high. To make your Vietnam trip smooth and trouble free try to make more research about Vietnam. In Vietnam, usually tourists complain about the aggressive behavior of street vendors and tour guide with a bad attitude.

Things to do when you are in Vietnam to make your journey safe

Vietnamese people like to dress conservatively. Despite the heat, it is best to not wear very short clothes to show off too much skin. Especially for girls, you will draw stares from the local people.

Dress neatly when visiting pagodas. You have to cover your all body, don't wear shorts. Before entering inside the pagodas, you have to remove your shoes outside. If you don't know what to do, just follow what the locals do.

Keep your cash, credit cards, air tickets, passport and other valuable items in a safe place.

It is very better to travel with professional tour tour guide in Vietnam. Do some research on the Internet about some important things, such as best places to roam, best hotel to stay and best places for shopping in Vietnam. Using this way you can avoid unreliable tour agencies and bad hotels.

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Don't do this things when you are in Vietnam

Don't wear lot of jewellery or bag with you in Vietnam, which can gets you in danger. Someone can possibly steal your bag or jewelry, If you have a bag or digital camera around your neck, then you are a main target for robbers. So, don't take unnecessary items with you when traveling public places of Vietnam.

Chain snatching and bag snatching are the most common crime in Vietnam. When taking a ride in taxi make sure to keep your bag at safe place.

Losing your temper in Vietnam means you are in danger. Keep your mind cool and be polite, when speaking with locals.

Vietnam is safe country for tourists apart from the major danger on the road. But, your commons sense will helps you to keep you safe. Don't take valuables items with you while walking on the streets. If it's necessary then keep them in a safe place. Don't get drunk and arguments with locals, which can gets you in trouble. Don't trust on anyone directly and don't go with your new 'local friend' if you don't know him personally. Don't do drugs and don't take anything from unknown person especially if they offer any food items.

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Vietnam is a developing country and sometimes tourists can face some issues while traveling to different places, like bad hotel rooms, bad service, bad driver and few angry peoples. The police are rarely reports the cases of muggings, robberies or sexual assaults. Scams are common there particularly in Hanoi, HCMC and Nha Trang.

Be careful if you are travelling on two wheeler on the anarchic roads of Vietnam. Sometimes you can get careless drivers in Vietnam.

Although, Vietnam has beautiful tourist attraction and beaches. If you want to spend your time in swimming, snorkelling and scuba-diving, you can definitely do here. But, keep yourself at a safe distance from dangerous sea creatures includes jellyfish, stonefish, scorpion fish, sea snakes and stingrays.

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