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Brown eggs vs White eggs, which one is more healthier?

Many people have different thinking when it comes to egg color. Some believes that brown colored eggs are more healthier and nutritious than white, while others feel that white eggs have better taste and proteins than brown. So, what is the difference between brown eggs and white eggs? In this article we know about the benefits of white eggs and brown eggs.

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Eggs are considered as a complete source of proteins, due to its number of essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrient. Eggs are mostly used at the time of breakfast and it consumed in all around the world. Many health experts recommend daily consumption of eggs to maintain a healthy life. It is very good to gain weight and maintain your body. There are two types of eggs are available to eat - brown eggs and white eggs. But, many people don't know,  which egg is more healthier for consumption?

There is no big difference in the nutrition value of both eggs. However, brown eggs have more omega 3 fatty acid, but the difference is not so big. White eggs are given by white colored chickens and brown eggs are laid by brown feathered chickens. We can see that, there are more white eggs available in the market than brown ones, but that's because of breeding and rising of white feathered chickens is more cheaper than brown colored chickens. The cost of brown eggs are higher than white eggs, because they come from brown chickens which have big appetite. This chicken eat more and they are expensive than white chickens.

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Many health experts consider to eat brown eggs because they believes that, brown eggs is better source of nutrition than white eggs. This is also a reason that brown eggs are sold at a higher price. But, it is not actually true. A number of researchers have tried to find the differences between brown and white eggs to see which one is more healthier for consumption, but, no any major difference has been discovered in this research and the nutritional expert agree that, except colour of the shell, there is not any difference between these two eggs. Both eggs are good source of cholesterol and protein for your body. So, eat eggs every day to keep your life healthier.

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