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Best place for honeymoon in Andaman Islands - Havelock island

Hello everyone, Andaman is all in one destination for everyone, it offers everything for everyone. This is a best holiday destination, honeymoon destination, adventurous destination, trekking destination and amazing destination for nature lovers. Today, we are going to know about the Havelock Island, which is one of the best destinations for honeymoon in Andaman. There are many different areas where you can enjoy your quality time with your partner. There are beautiful white sand beaches, which gives you some peaceful time to spend with your partner. For better experience take off your shoes and go for a long walk on the white sand beaches and feel relax on the beach side relaxing chairs. Havelock Island is one of the most famous and most visited attractive islands in Andaman. The Havelock name is given to this place after the head of the British ruler, Henry Havelock. Havelock is the major tourist destination of Andaman. Thousands of tourists visit there for enjoying holidays each year.

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The Havelock Island is located about 55 kilometers from the Port Blair, Ferry services are available from Port Blair to reach at Havelock Island. The price of one round ticket is around five to eight US dollars. Go for a walk in Havelock island gives you a very beautiful experience. You can see the panoramic view of entire island from the small hotels, which situated on the shores of the coast, and also you can do some shopping their.

Here you can spend some quality time in the afternoon by sitting on the white sand beaches and enjoying a tasty sea food while watching the beautiful view of sea at Radha Nagar beach. There is also a another famous tourist spot, which name is elephant coast located on a short distance from Radha Nagar. The visitors of Havelock Island love to do scuba diving. Scuba diving at Havelock Island is very budget-friendly and all services are available for divers. In addition to scuba diving on Havelock Island, trekking is also very popular activity to do there.

"radhanagar beach, havelock" (CC BY 2.0) by Joseph Jayanth
If you want to purchase anything for your friends and family members then you can shop here in the local market. There will be many hand-made items and accessories are available in the market. Many hotels in this territory are sale liquor and beer at very affordable prices.

Andaman is one of the most attractive place for beach lovers, many tourists from all over the world visit here for enjoying their holidays in peaceful nature. In some recent years, Andaman attracting lots of travel enthusiasts day by day to visit here and for this, now Indian government started to redeveloping this island to offer more better services for the visitors. So, now we can clearly says that, on your next visit you can see different Andaman, which offers you a great quality of services. Andaman is totally depends upon its tourism industry and fishing. Many local people of Andaman do fishing on daily basis for some income.

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There are many indigenous tribes lives in Andaman which are totally prohibited to visit without any permission, because they don't allow outsiders in their territory. If anyone go there by mistake, then he can't come back return. Recently, one American missionary was went inside theirs territory with the help of locals without taking any  official permission and he got killed by the tribe. So, don't visit any tribal community without proper permission

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