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5 World's most safest destinations for solo female travelers

In today's time, security of women's is becoming an important factor for every country in the world, because of the many anti-social elements, women's are feel unsafe in their country. In such situation, it is not possible to come out of the house alone in the night. But there are many such cities in the world that are committed to protecting women and that are considered to be the most safest cities for women. So, today we know about these safe cities.

Women are also love to travel and explore the world, but safety is the most important for them, especially when they are going to travel alone. Every place in the world is not scary, I bring you 5 safest places in the world that every woman must travel to.

List of Most safest cities in the world for women

Sydney, Australia

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Sydney is one of the most largest city in Australia, which is best known for its Opera House, with a distinctive design. The Sydney Tower offers amazing 360 degree panoramic views of the city and its suburbs. The surrounding culture of this city will make you feel safe here. Every neighborhoods take care of each other, If someone looks suspicious then we can inform our neighbors.


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The law and order in this south east Asian city is very strict, that's why it is considered too safe for women. The police system is every time ready for action and to do its work faithfully. The local residents of Singapore are also very honest people and always ready to help for each other. Singapore is listed in the top safest countries in Asia for female travelers. There is no any issue of pickpocketing, no fear of men staring at you and also you can go outside in the night without any fear. The city offers many beautiful destination to their travelers and it is very safe for women to travel alone.

Osaka City of Japan

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The Osaka city of Japan is another very safest place is the world for women. This city is located very close to the capital of Japan, Tokyo. The atmosphere of the whole Japan is very relaxed and the reason for its relaxation is probably the deepest feeling of security in the people here. Even if people are sitting in the open places or gardens, they can leave their laptops or bags without any fear, Because they know that no one will pick it up. Japan thinks very different from other world and that's why there is many unbelievable places in Japan, i.e. crying room. In this room woman can cry freely. There are many entertaining place too.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has the population of less than ten million peoples and it is a relatively a small town. The People here are very calm, happy, and helpful. This city gives you a comfort and you can travel anywhere you want here without any safety issues. The remote areas of the city are also very safe to travel. One interesting thing about this city is that you will not find any multi-storey buildings here, because this city has been settled on water. It is listed in the top 25 safest cities in the world for women and it is very safe for female solo travelers, even at night.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is the most largest city with almost two million people. This busiest city of Denmark has beautiful architecture and renowned shopping centers. If you are in Denmark, then don't forget to see the goddess Gefjun fountain, which tells the story of how Denmark was made. Denmark is the most happiest country in the world and you don't needs to worry about your safety here. In Copenhagen women need not to worry about any type of harassment or other safety issues. Here you can enjoy the nightlife, dress as you want and feel the culture and beauty of Denmark.

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