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5 Most expensive countries to travel and their budget friendly alternatives

Their are many beautiful countries in the world to travel, some of them are very expensive to travel. But today I am going to tell you about the best alternatives of most expensive countries to travel in the world. These cheaper alternatives of the most expensive countries in the world is budget friendly and beautiful. It will definitely gives you a very amazing traveling experience in low price. If you travel in any expensive countries like Switzerland or Singapore, the rate of living is very high and sometimes you can not get what you pay for. But in these budget friendly countries, you can get good quality services in low prices. So, let's know the alternatives of most expensive countries in the world to travel.

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1. Forget Switzerland, Visit Slovenia
Switzerland is very attractive and famous travel destination in the world. It is also a most visited place in the world, which is famous for skiing and beautiful villages, Switzerland is a very expensive destination to travel. The normal cost of Midrange and upscale hotel rooms is between $280 and $700, in some expensive cities like Zurich and Geneva you have to pay more higher amount. Everything is very expensive in Switzerland.

Instead of visiting Switzerland, you can visit Slovenia, which is located at the northeastern side of Italy, where you can get hotels, ski passes and tasty cuisine at very affordable rates. Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia is a cultural attraction in the country. Come here in summer to enjoy at the bustling cafes along side the cobblestoned streets. Ljubljana is one of the most affordable capitals in Europe, with lots of midrange options under $140. This place gives you a total experience of Switzerland at affordable prices.

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2. Forget Singapore, Visit Malaysia
Singapore offers a beautiful mixture of traditional and modern lifestyle. But, if you want to make your Singapore trip budget friendly then try to book room in hostel or guesthouse. If you get a room in hotel then you have to pay very high amount. The street food costs is affordable for everyone, but a night in the city can be very costly compared to nearby countries, like Bangkok.

On the other side, Malaysia is best alternative of Singapore with its glowing capital, Kuala Lumpur, which offers multiculturalism and modernity like Singapore at very affordable cost. Here you can get good accommodations for $70 to $100. Kuala Lumpur has many amazing places to explore, such as mosque minarets, colonial buildings with skyscrapers and many more. The city maintains its mixture of different cultural influences of Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Here you can explore delicious street-side cuisine, architecture and art museums. If you want to enjoy some peaceful time far from the cities rush then head towards the Malaysia's hillside tea plantations, lush jungle and beautiful beaches. The Cameron Highlands is a perfect destination to visit, if you wish to enjoy locally grown tea and hikes. The Penang island in Malaysia is very famous tourist destination for its vibrant street art and cafes in a colonial-era buildings. Wildlife and nature lovers should definitely head to Borneo to see some unique species of wild orangutans and elephants. Don't forget to go for scuba diving and trekking in dense rainforest. Here you can also explore Malaysia's tallest mountain, Mount Kinabalu.

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3. Forget Japan, Visit Taiwan
The country of rising sun, Japan is well known for its amazing culture and lifestyle. Japanese people are very innovative, their cuisine, stunning mountain scenery and easy transportation system makes you feel amaze. But traveling in Japan is not so budget-friendly, here you have to paid minimum $250 or more for living in Midrange hotels and if you want luxury accommodations, then it can exceed up to $1,000 per night. The train system is very  convenient in Japan, but a one-way trip from Tokyo to Kyoto can cost you around $170.

Taiwan is amazing destination to explore which delivers many beautiful attractions like Japan with its modern capital. Taiwan has beautiful natural beauty and an excellent food options, all in affordable cost. Taipei, Taiwan's capital has lack of dozens of night markets, world-class museums, monuments and nightlife to discover. Here you can visit to Shilin Night Market to taste some local cuisines. This biggest indoor food court has over 500 stalls, which serves different types of dishes to their customers. The Taroko National Park attracts lots of visitors with its deep and beautiful rushing Liwu River. A network of trails goes from the high mountains, suspension bridges and gushing waterfalls. Some other town of Taiwan such as Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung offer a lesser-known regional delicacies, shirin and gardens to explore.

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4. Forget UAE, Visit Oman
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a most popular tourist destination, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cities offers many unique attractions for visitors, such as Louvre, private island and the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa. But all are incredibly expensive. Most budget friendly midrange hotels in Dubai can charge you between $200 and $300, while luxury hotels will cost you around $600 per night.

Meanwhile, Oman is also a very good alternative of UAE, which offers some extraordinary landscapes at a very affordable prices. Muscat, capital of Oman offers you a style and glamour like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The streets of  Muscat, forts and mosques are beautifully maintained. Go and visit to the  Mutrah Fort, which is situated on a cliff overlooking corniche. The corniche is best place for walking and outdoor cafes. There are  hundreds of local vendors selling traditional handicrafts, cuisine, spices, and lots more. Muscat is most expensive city of Oman, but any midrange hotels can still cost you under $100 per night. There are endless sand dunes, coastlines, high mountains, and deepest canyons to explore. These canyons are known as wadis in Arabic, which are water collecting point for limited rainfall in Oman.

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5. Forget Maldives, Visit Mauritius
There are thousands of islands in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is one of them, which known as a most gorgeous destination to visit. Most of the resorts in Maldives have their own private islands with luxury facilities. The beautiful white-sand beaches with blue water looks amazing. The locals are now permitted to build and manage their own accommodations. Maldives is a remote location, so the majority of foods and supplies to be imported, which makes their prices higher. The normal charge for staying here is around $250 per night and luxury prices goes into the thousands.

The Indian Ocean has no any shortage of beautiful islands, so if you want to make your trip amazing and budget friendly then head to the Mauritius instead of going to expensive Maldives. There are many beautiful beaches and lagoons like Maldives to enjoy. Most of the beach side hotels offers a variety of water sports activities, such as kayaking, submarine ride, glass-bottom boat and snorkeling. Mauritius also has best diving spots for exploring marine life. Flic en Flac and Grand Baie are best for swimming and water sports activities in Mauritius.

Here you can also enjoy waterfalls and hikes through dense forest. Mauritius is not totally cheapest place, but all-inclusive resorts and hotels can be booked at $250 per night, which is a very affordable value compared to the Maldives.


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